All in a good days work…

Get on with it...

A little shot to make you smile today. From a session shot a while ago of Monty a Newfoundland pup! Monty is now the size of a small bear and living in Cornwall. His owner walks him on a nearby beach in Falmouth and on one occasion Monty (being a Newfoundland) shot into the water and swam out to a man who was swimming quite far out from the shore. Monty grabbed hold of the man and carefully pulled him into the beach not wanting to let him go. As the man came ashore he was natually slightly disturbed by the incident although quietly pleased the dog had ‘rescued’ him. After an apology from the owner who said ‘he’s a Newfoundland, that’s what they do’ the man proceeded to say ‘but I wasn’t in trouble – I swim out that far everyday!’

Still makes me chuckle every time I see this picture!



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