Jewellery Photography for Stephanie Johnson

I have been photographing Cornish artist’s work for several years. I find it inspiring looking at other people’s working methods and how they reach their final designs or pieces. Having always had an interest in art, mainly sculpture and ceramics photographing Stephanie’s work is always a pleasure.

Stephanie’s husband was in fact my old art teacher, the man who first encouraged me to develop my interest in 3 dimensional work. Whilst living in Cornwall I photographed Stephanie’s work on several occasion. After completing my studies in Cornwall I moved away and lost touch with Stephanie and Rollo (my old art teacher). Earlier this year, with the power of the internet and having a distinct name Stephanie tracked me down to ask me to photograph her latest work. She has used other Cornish photographers but none have photographed her work in such a way as I had done all those years ago. ‘You seem to get a sense of the sculptural and 3 dimension aspects of my work’ I was told over the telephone. I feel my photographic work has moved on since the previous images I had done for Stephanie so was keen to pop to Cornwall to shoot some new work for her.

It was great to meet up again with Stephanie and Rollo after all these years and thankfully I still had an eye for the 3 dimensional aspects of her work.

Here are a few pictures from the shoot – Stephanie was delighted with them and one of the pictures even made it onto the cover of an exhibition she was working on in collaboration with other artists for the Edinburgh Festival.

I think I made the right choice in life putting down the papier-mache and clay and picking up a camera but it’s nice to revisit old ground sometimes…..

To find out more about Stephanie’s beautiful work click here.

To book a session to have your work photographed please email me


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