Love a hairy dog? You have not seen anything yet!

Recently I was at a farmers market and saw a lady I knew struggling with her bags. Being a gentleman I though I would ask if she wanted a lift home with her groceries. On taking me up on the offer of a lift I was greeted by this hound of a dog bounding towards me to lick me to death in her driveway. Well, anyone who knows me knows how much I love to photograph animals, namely dogs,  so I could see a great opportunity wagging its tail in front of me.

‘What type of dog is this?’ I asked whist negotiating how to protect the eggs in the top of one of the bags.

‘It’s a Lagotta Romagnolo’ I was told, ‘an Italian breed of dog with her winter coat still on’

I said I would love to take some photographs of the dog and the lady said that was fine as long as it was soon as she was soon to be clipped now the weather has finally warmed up.

So last week I met up with the lady and her dog. I shot a few daylight images in the window as the dog sat in an armchair then we popped to a local field for a few pictures.

Here’s a couple of my favourites…..

Dog Photography Oxfordshire Dog Photographer Oxfordshire


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