A little bit of colour to cheer us all up from #Waterperry Gardens.

With all this rain and cold weather I though we all needed cheering up so I just had a look at some of the images I took at Waterperry Gardens a few weekends ago on a jolly with Mrs Lord.

Becky armed with Instagram and me with my camera we had a great time photographing the blossom at it’s best in the orchards of Waterperry as well as many other plant varieties.  I want to try a few things out with floral photography, something less precise and more artistic than the technically perfect images of flora we see in catalogues and magazines. I hope to make several visits to Waterperry this year and build a collection of more expressionistic images of flora and botanical images for future use in the countryside part of my business.

Here are a few working images I have put through Lightroom to share with you.

WP-IMG_4646 WP-IMG_4650 WP-IMG_4654 WP-IMG_4658 WP-IMG_4662 WP-IMG_4678 WP-IMG_4688 WP-IMG_4690 WP-IMG_4703 WP-IMG_4705

The next step is an early morning start to catch the early morning light! Good night all!



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