Pigs in the woods – National Countryside Week #NCW13

Following on from my post yesterday, this week I will be showcasing some of my countryside images taken in recent weeks. I know a man who lives locally who keeps free range pigs in a nearby woods in the Chilterns. I see Bruce and his produce at local farmers markets and have always thought what a wonderful experience it would be to photograph the pigs. A tweet came through a couple of weeks ago from @blackpigchills telling me the pigs were ready for their photo shoot. They have recently been filming for Downton Abbey for the next series so are getting used to life in front of the camera!

So one Sunday Becky and I travelled into the hills to meet Bruce and his pigs. We walked into the woods together and Bruce armed with a bucket of pig nuts gave the call. It wasn’t long before the pigs came trotting (bad pun) through the woods to us for a mid morning snack. It really was a fantastic sight, these pigs have a wonderful life in the woods with just 36 pigs to 14 Acres of land! That’s free range!!

The pigs are a cross of two rare and native breeds, the Berkshire pig and the Tamworth which when crossed produce high quality pork. Bruce has spent 8 years perfecting the perfect pig giving them the highest welfare standards and the most natural of habitats.

To find out more about The Black Pig in the Chiltern Hills please visit their new website by clicking here.

The Black Pigs produce can be found at The Quince Tree near Henley on Thames, Gather and Hunt, Marlow, and Ewelme Community Village Shop, Oxfordshire.

BHP-ML-IMG_3042_006 BHP-ML-IMG_3072_009 BHP-ML-IMG_3105_016 BHP-ML-IMG_3220_023 BHP-ML-IMG_3288_031 BHP-ML-IMG_3371_038 BHP-ML-IMG_3416_043 BHP-ML-IMG_3462_047BHP-ML-IMG_3739_096BHP-ML-IMG_3487_050BHP-ML-IMG_3515_055

BHP-ML-IMG_3750_098 BHP-ML-IMG_3768_100What does it taste like you say? Try for yourself!!!



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