#Kingston Blount Point To Point Pictures

This afternoon I travelled a short journey up the road to the Point to Point races at Kingston Blount.

I took a different camera to the one I usually use, a Fujifilm X-Pro 1. It is quite different to use compared to my usual Canon EOS 5D Mk3 system but due to it’s size you can become more inconspicuous and blend into the crowd better and still achieve professional results.

As with all of my work I like to tell the story, capturing the detail, the behind the scenes, the overall picture and people involved in the day and this can be achieved due to the discreet nature of the X- Pro 1. Its not as fast at focusing as my Canon gear but is a great camera to use for photo journalism.

I met several lovely people today and promised to put some images on my blog and Facebook page soon. Please visit my Facebook page to see a small selection of images. Please LIKE my Facebook page to then receive a notification when I post the other images later this week.





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