Max & Ceci – A Sneak Peek!!

It amazes me that however many weddings I do that each & every one is different. All weddings feature the same core things but each bride & groom brings their own personality to the wedding in their own special way. I am always excited to arrive at the wedding to see what kind of wedding it’s going to be. Nowadays there are so many choices out there from venues, dresses to flowers.


A couple of weeks ago I photographed the wedding of Max & Ceci in Cheltenham. On the journey there Kiti, my assistant for the day, & Becky, who helped out with transport, & I were remarking on how many multi–cultural weddings we’ve had this year – we’ve had French, Croatian, American & Norwegian to name but a few. Max & Ceci were no exception, Ceci has Mexican heritage & Max has family in Switzerland.


CMB-ML-IMG_1474-292We started the day with them in their family homes to get some getting ready shots. Kiti was with the groom & I with the bride & bridal party.


CMB-ML-IMG_0586-48 CMB-KS-IMG_8571-14 Transport for the day was a vintage coach such a great idea rather than the traditional fleet of wedding cars & room for all!



It was a beautiful sunny day so Ceci & her dad travelled to the church in Max’s dad’s car Derek The Daimler. It was a beautiful moment for them to share before joining the rest of the wedding party.



After the service we took the short hop in the vintage bus to The Pittville Pump Room for the reception. It’s a great venue that provides beautiful regency architecture & parkland for some fabulous bride & groom shots. Max & Ceci are a young couple who met at school & they were one of the happiest couples I’ve ever seen. I am thrilled with the shots I took of them around their venue.



I took the group shots on the colonnade, which was great, with fabulous light but without the dreaded sun in everyone’s eyes on such a sunny day.

CMB-KS-IMG_9114-97 CMB-ML-IMG_1213-244

It really was such a fantastic day & it was an honour to photograph Max & Ceci on their wedding day. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek & wish you every happiness in your married lives together.





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