Gemma & Sam – A Wedding at Wormsley – A Sneak Peek

Recently Kiti & I were very excited to do a wedding very close to Mark Lord Photography HQ. Gemma & Sam were married at the lovely village church in Aston Rowant & held their reception on the beautiful Wormsley estate nearby.GSS-ML-LORD0082-1Wormsley Estate is a 2,500 estate & covers the most beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. It is very well known for its cricket pitch which has hosted the South-African, Australian & West-Indian teams. I was particularly looking forward to photographing Gemma & Sam in the wonderful walled garden with was restored by Sir Paul & Lady Getty.GSS-KS-IMG_7843-90I started the day with Gemma & her bridesmaids at a cottage on the estate. It was a beautiful, sunny September day as they got ready in the lovely, sunshine-filled conservatory.GSS-ML-LORD0160-23Whilst I was with Gemma, Kiti made the short walk to the church to meet Sam & get some shots of him & his Best-Man & Ushers before the guests arrived.GSS-KS-IMG_7218-14 GSS-KS-IMG_7258-20The cars arrived & I hopped in to make the 5-minute journey to Aston Rowant from Wormsley Estate.GSS-ML-LORD0458-86We gathered outside the church as Gemma’s bridesmaids straightened her dress & made sure she was ready to meet her groom.GSS-ML-LORD0497-94The church was quite strict in their allowance of photography during the service but we were allowed to take shots of Gemma’s arrival & she looked beautiful as she made our way up the aisle.GSS-ML-LORD0518-103We weren’t allowed to take any shots from the front but we got some lovely shots from the back of the church during the service. Often, unless the position at the front is perfect, a position at the back can provide a fantastic vantage point for some great shots.GSS-ML-LORD0533-110After a lovely service Gemma & Sam made their way out into the sunshine with their friends & family before their guests boarded a fabulous vintage bus from The Vintage Bunting Company.GSS-ML-LORD0688-152 GSS-KS-IMG_7650-65 GSS-KS-IMG_7638-63I got a lift from one of the guests & with a little encouragement I persuaded the guest to zoom past the wedding car as I grabbed some shots out the window!GSS-ML-LORD0709-154As we arrived at Wormsley Kiti & took the bride & groom to the beautiful walled gardens. I had already been there with Gemma & Sam as we did their pre wedding shoot there a month or so ago. It’s a wonderful space with paths leading through wonderful planting. It is a large space & has endless options for some stylish bride & groom shots.GSS-ML-LORD0900-193 GSS-ML-LORD0820-176 GSS-ML-LORD1021-217 GSS-ML-LORD1029-218When we returned to the reception it was time for the more formal group shots with their friends & families.GSS-ML-LORD1175-242 GSS-ML-LORD1201-246 GSS-ML-LORD1286-256 GSS-ML-LORD1464-276It was now time for everyone to make their way into the marquee. Rather than the normal escort cards or table plan Gemma & Sam had a tree in the centre of their marquee which was festooned with golden apples. On each apple was written a name & table number.GSS-ML-LORD1526-288 GSS-ML-LORD1514-283After welcoming Gemma & Sam into the wedding breakfast it was time for Sam’s speech.

GSS-ML-LORD1544-296 GSS-ML-LORD1552-298 GSS-ML-LORD1612-325 GSS-KS-IMG_8178-134

We offer lots of different time packages for weddings anywhere between 4 & 10 hours to cover all aspects of your wedding from getting ready coverage to your guests hitting the dancefloor. Gemma & Sam booked us for 6 hours so after Sam’s speech it was time for us to make our way home & leave them to continue celebrating.GSS-ML-LORD1701-363Congratulations Gemma & Sam – Hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

Wishing you every happiness!!


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