Wedding at Eynsham Hall, Stacey & Lewis – A Sneak Peek

Kiti & I recently photographed the wedding of Stacey & Lewis at All Saints, Cuddesdon & Eynsham Hall.STJ-ML--LORD4768-1I went straight to start photographing Stacey & her 6 bridesmaids getting ready at Eynsham Hall whilst Becky dropped Kiti off in Wheatley to shoot the boys getting styled up.STJ-KS--IMG_1806-11As you can imagine, with six bridesmaids, mother of the bride & a bride to get ready it was a hive of activity. I got some great shots of them all having their hair & make up done. My favourite moment was a real tear-jerker & I love the images that I took of Stacey’s Mum giving her a ring that she had commissioned ‘My first diamond for my first girl’ It really is an honour to be able to photograph these really special moments & I hope that my images add to the memories.STJ-ML--LORD4823-18 STJ-ML--LORD4926-56 STJ-ML--LORD4928-57 STJ-ML--LORD4933-60 STJ-ML--LORD4939-61By now Kiti had done some shots of the boys in stylish ‘Reservoir Dogs’ mode before making their way to the church where she did some lovely shots of the groom & his Dad.STJ-KS--IMG_1875-21 STJ-KS--IMG_1933-30 STJ-KS--IMG_1951-32By now it was time for the bridesmaids to board the route master bus along with the other guests to make the journey to the church.STJ-ML--LORD4973-73 STJ-ML--LORD4975-74Now this photographer had to make sure he didn’t miss the bus! I really love the moment when the Father-of-the-Bride sees his daughter in her finery so I didn’t want to miss this either. It was a really touching moment & Stacey’s dad was quite emotional as she glided down the stairs.STJ-ML--LORD4959-68

STJ-ML--LORD4951-64As Stacey arrived her bridesmaids were waiting at the Lych-gate for her & they made their way into the church for Stacey to meet her groom.STJ-ML--LORD4990-82 STJ-ML--LORD4994-84STJ-ML--LORD5019-95 STJ-ML--LORD5052-108 STJ-KS--IMG_2123-60 STJ-KS--IMG_2136-63After a lovely service Stacey & Lewis made their way out of the church to a flurry of confetti – considering storm Desmond had hit Britain we got some great shots before the confetti was blown away!STJ-ML--LORD5110-131Everyone popped back onto the bus to make the journey back to Eynsham with the Bride & Groom along with a glass of prosecco.STJ-ML--LORD5138-139 STJ-ML--LORD5143-141On returning to Eynsham Hall we used the wonderful architecture for the group shots before taking Stacey & Lewis off for some shots with the two of them.STJ-ML--LORD5192-153 STJ-ML--LORD5531-210 STJ-ML--LORD5501-204 STJ-ML--LORD5579-218It was now time for Stacey & Lewis to return to their guests for the wedding breakfast & speeches.STJ-ML--LORD5682-261 STJ-ML--LORD5684-262 STJ-ML--LORD5719-275 STJ-ML--LORD5736-284 STJ-KS--IMG_2368-101After the wedding breakfast it was time for Lewis to take his bride onto the dance floor for their first dance as husband & wife.STJ-ML--LORD5848-311

As always, after getting some dance floor & cigar action Kiti & I left everyone on the dance floor & wound our way home.STJ-ML--LORD5793-300 STJ-ML--LORD5823-305 STJ-ML--LORD5874-316 STJ-ML--LORD5897-322

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek Stacey & Lewis! Wishing you every happiness…..



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