Photography Shoot with Hobbs House Bakery

This year Mark has been photographing lots of projects for a British stock library who sell worldwide. They are all about capturing images about living healthily, well and sustainably. Their images reflect artisan & small business. As you can imagine this type of photography is right up Mark’s street. He has had a great time photographing some really interesting projects & some really talented artisans; from fine furniture makers & thatchers to a traditional sign writer & a local charcuterie producer. I even took part in a shoot myself with Mark’s Mum & Dad cocklepicking on the Helford in Cornwall. I’m sure that we will be posting some more projects in the next few months but last week Mark had a rather exciting photo shoot.Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19457_018Hobbs House Bakery was established in the Cotswolds in the 1920’s and they are a true family business with five generations of baking experience. Mark has met them previously at the fabulous Gloucester Services & contacted them in the hope of organising a shoot. Born with flour on their fingers, 5th generation bakers Tom & Henry, known to many as The Fabulous Baker Brothers, were so generous in giving Mark their time & the results were fab!Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19794_038Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19170_008Mark visited them at The Hobbs House Cookery School in Chipping Sodbury near Bristol & photographed them doing all things bread. The combination of the neutral light-filled room, a couple of handsome chaps & a fantastic photographer has resulted in some great images.Hobbs House Bakery-MLP18971_001 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19013_003 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19058_004 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19489_019 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19552_022 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19585_026 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19596_027 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19665_030 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19677_032 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19689_034 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19104_006
Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19838_041 Hobbs House Bakery-MLP19878_044

Hobbs House Bakery’s beautiful sourdough & artisan loaves, cakes & baked loveliness, baking equipment including your own sourdough starter can be purchased from their website. They also have a selection of Bakeries where you can purchase the old fashioned way in person in Chipping Sodbury, Nailsworth, Tetbury & Malmesbury. You can even learn how to bake yourself at Hobbs House Cookery School.





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