Photography Shoot with Chiltern Charcuterie

As we promised earlier in the week, a blog about Mark’s recent visit to a charcuterie producer. When we were looking for local artisan food producers we thought a charcuterier would be an interesting project so put our snouts to the ground & found a fabulous local company producing wonderful air dried ham, pancetta, salami & chorizo. Chiltern Charcuterie was born in the summer of 2014, by two amateur cooks; Ross and Catherine, who both have a passion for good food.  Their current products include: Air-dried Beef (Bresaola) and Lamb, Pancetta, Salami and Chorizo.  All their produce is handmade, and hangs for a minimum of 28 days to develop flavour. You can purchase online here or there are lots of local places you can purchase such as Just Cooking in Thame. Last week Mark visited them to capture some shots of them making their fine produce & some images of the finished product.

LOW RES - CC-MLP10012_014 copy LOW RES - CC-MLP10014_015 copy LOW RES - CC-MLP10028_016 copy LOW RES - CC-MLP10109_021 LOW RES - CC-MLP10149_026 LOW RES - CC-MLP10156_027 LOW RES - CC-MLP10163_028 LOW RES - CC-MLP10167_029 copy LOW RES - CC-MLP10174_031 copy LOW RES - CC-MLP10180_033 LOW RES - CC-MLP10200_037 LOW RES - CC-MLP10216_040 copy LOW RES - CC-MLP10258_048 copy LOW RES - CC-MLP10262_049 copy LOW RES - CC-MLP19989_010 copy


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