Glen & Vanessa, Wedding at The Compleat Angler, Marlow – A Sneak Peek

Recently Kiti & I found ourselves back on the banks of the river Thames at The Compleat Angler in Marlow. We were there for the wedding of Glen & Vanessa.010-GVJ-MLP32668-10Their day was a small family affair & we were booked for 4 hours coverage. We do various coverage options from 4 hours up to all day meaning our couples can cater their photography coverage to their day. We mingled with the guests & Glen in the lovely conservatory overlooking the river frontage until it was time for everyone to make their way into the ceremony room.014-GVJ-MLP21031-14 023-GVJ-MLP32677-23 027-GVJ-MLP32688-27 042-GVJ-MLP32708-42

068-GVJ-MLP32754-68Vanessa got ready at the hotel so she only had a short journey to the main hotel building to meet her groom in front of their friends & family. Vanessa was preceded down the aisle by their lovely children Gabrielle & Leo who scattered rose petals.066-GVJ-MLP32745-66 069-GVJ-MLP21149-69 070-GVJ-MLP21150-70 076-GVJ-MLP21155-76After a lovely service we made our way outside & whilst guests mingled with a glass of champagne we took some group shots. I do keep these to a minimum as group shots can take a little while and I would hate to be known as the photographer who kept everyone waiting about, causing their champagne to loose its fizz!115-GVJ-MLP32850-115130-GVJ-MLP32931-130 133-GVJ-MLP32954-133It was now time for Glen, Vanessa & the children to board a boat up the Thames for a short trip. It looked like they had a great time & Leo was even steering the boat on their return!150-GVJ-MLP21218-150 168-GVJ-MLP33122-168Once we were back on dry land Kiti & I took the Bride & Groom away to do some shots of the two of them together.190-GVJ-MLP33197-190 182-GVJ-MLP33163-182It was soon time to let the Bride & Groom get back to their guests & they made their entrance into their wedding reception to a round of applause.221-GVJ-MLP33284-221 222-GVJ-MLP21384-222 225-GVJ-MLP33293-225 226-GVJ-MLP33296-226

We took a few images of their guests enjoying the wedding breakfast but before too long it was time for us to take our leave. We left them enjoying the rest of their day.





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