A Village Wedding – Katherine & Dave’s Sneak Peek

A couple of weeks ago I photographed the wedding of Katherine & Dave in Ewelme & Britwell Salome. I have known Katherine & her family for a few years now & was really thrilled to be asked to photograph her wedding.538-kdb-imgl5692-538
My assistants & I started the day with a quick meeting to run through the details & timings for the day. We synchronised clocks on our cameras & made our way to our separate starting points. Beder started his day in a pub in Watlington with the Groom, Best Man & Ushers before making his way to the church.004-kdb-bedr5000-4 052-kdb-bedr5025-52Richard started at the reception venue to get some shots of the marquee, flowers, table centres & all the important details before he too made his way to capture the guests arriving.

043-kdb-mlp33672-43064-kdb-imgl4275-64106-kdb-imgl4376-106 103-kdb-imgl4365-103

113-kdb-imgl4422-113Meanwhile, I spent the morning capturing some lovely shots of Katherine’s bridal preparations with the ladies having their hair done with gorgeous up-do’s for the bridesmaids. I love the shot of Katherine’s mum Carol helping her with her dress & Dad Chris making the final tweaks to his speech.008-kdb-mlp33641-8 067-kdb-mlp33717-67 070-kdb-mlp33723-70 123-kdb-mlp33765-123They all looked wonderful as they left home to make the journey to the church in Ewelme for the wedding. Becky was waiting for me so I jumped in the car & we made a quick get away to make sure we got to the church as fast as we could. It was then time for the Bride’s arrival on the arm of her very proud Dad & she made her way into the church to see her expectant groom.153-kdb-mlp33824-153 It was a lovely service in a beautiful church, afterwards we made our way to the historical cloisters to do some photographs of the two of them with some shelter from the rain.161-kdb-mlp33848-161 162-kdb-dscf9894-162 174-kdb-mlp33871-174 189-kdb-mlp33896-189 211-kdb-bedr5176-211 215-kdb-mlp33978-215 224-kdb-mlp34023-224We didn’t keep them for too long as it their guests were waiting to shower them in confetti as they walked up the church path to their car to take them to the reception venue.241-kdb-imgl4751-241 237-kdb-mlp34095-237 243-kdb-mlp34110-243 245-kdb-mlp34115-245The reception was held in a marquee in the gardens of the family home & was a lovely light filled space even on a rainy day. As their guests mingled we took the Bride & Groom away to do some shots of the two of them. It looked like the rain & drizzle were set in for the day so we took our white umbrellas with us. Katherine & Dave embraced the rain & really helped me achieve some great shots despite the conditions.270-kdb-imgl4802-270 274-kdb-mlp34173-274 307-kdb-imgl4966-307 277-kdb-imgl4841-277We returned them to their guests as soon as we could to take the group photos, most of which were small enough to do under the covered area of the marquee. We all hope for perfect weather on our wedding day but we are in the UK so this can’t be guaranteed! It’s a good idea to consider where your photographer will photograph your formal group photos if the weather is inclement. Katherine & Dave’s marquee had a raised area outside which was covered which fitted my needs perfectly.318-kdb-mlp34226-318 323-kdb-mlp34246-323 327-kdb-mlp34261-327 361-kdb-mlp34387-361It was now time for everyone to take their seats for the wedding breakfast & some fantastic speeches by the Father of the Bride, Groom & his Best Man, his twin – you are not seeing double!455-kdb-mlp34563-455 459-kdb-mlp34569-459 483-kdb-imgl5494-483 496-kdb-imgl5525-496 500-kdb-mlp34639-500 505-kdb-mlp34652-505 517-kdb-mlp34671-517As so often happens as the evening came the rain cleared away to a beautiful evening & we took the opportunity to take Katherine & Dave away for a few more photos of the two of them in the evening light.537-kdb-mlp34724-537544-kdb-mlp34766-544 546-kdb-mlp34771-546They then returned to the marquee for their first dance & were soon joined by their friends & family. They had an excellent band who were fantastic & great at getting everyone up & boogying the night away. Lovely to see some familiar faces having fun on the dance floor!  564-kdb-imgl5825-564 549-kdb-imgl5744-549 606-kdb-mlp34948-606 580-kdb-mlp34864-580 583-kdb-mlp34871-583 577-kdb-mlp34857-577 638-kdb-imgl6212-638 625-kdb-mlp35033-625 621-kdb-imgl6099-621

Wishing you both every happiness! We hope you love your sneak peek Katherine & Dave, there are a lot more fab images to come.



Wedding at West Wycombe House, Karen & Ian, A Sneak Peek

Recently Kiti & were lucky enough to photograph a wedding at a beautiful country home called West Wycombe House. I have photographed the house & estate several times but this was my first wedding there & one I have been really looking forward to.233-KIH-ML-MLP34121-186Kiti & I both started at the house but Kiti made her way into West Wycombe village to the primary school to meet Ian the Groom. He went to school there for some shots as a memento before going back to the house for shots by the beautiful columns & in the stable yard!040-KIH-KS-MLP21913-7 053-KIH-KS-MLP21970-14I made my way into the house to find Karen the bride & took some shots of her getting ready. It was so convenient for her, she only needed to make the short journey down the stairs to meet her groom.043-KIH-ML-MLP33405-37 081-KIH-ML-MLP33461-55West Wycombe House and its 5000 acre estate is the home of the Dashwood family and has been since 1698. The current Premier Baronet of Great Britain is Sir Edward Dashwood, 12th. Bt, and he currently resides at West Wycombe Park with his wife and family. The house today is often featured in screen adaptations of literary classics such as Cranford, Downton Abbey & was most recently seen in Doctor Thorne.002-KIH-ML-MLP33316-2The Hall where the ceremony was held is a beautiful room with marble & frescoes.The staircase that Karen descended on is a work of art on its own made of mahogany with inlaid satinwood & ebony. Their friends, family & an expectant groom waited as Karen made her way down the stairs to meet him with her best friend Mark.101-KIH-ML-MLP33511-71 104-KIH-ML-MLP33518-74 108-KIH-ML-MLP33529-78 112-KIH-ML-MLP33537-81After the lovely service Karen, Ian & their guests moved onto the colonnade for champagne & canapés before we took the group shots. We then took Ian & Karen away for a few quiet minutes to get some stylish shots of the two of them. Very often my Brides & Grooms say how much they enjoy this part of the day. A part of the day that they can take a deep breath & take it all in…And a have minute just the two of them…..well, apart from me!232-KIH-ML-MLP34118-185 241-KIH-KS-MLP22360-78 258-KIH-ML-MLP34225-205 255-KIH-ML-MLP34202-202

I never keep them away too long & it was soon time for them to join their guests in the Music Room for the wedding breakfast.288-KIH-ML-MLP34330-235 341-KIH-KS-MLP22475-102 342-KIH-ML-MLP34482-291 363-KIH-ML-MLP34517-311 365-KIH-KS-MLP22508-111 380-KIH-KS-MLP22540-117After a delicious meal & some very funny speeches it was time for cutting the cake & then for a boogie on the dancefloor.424-KIH-ML-MLP34658-355 433-KIH-ML-MLP34689-367 438-KIH-KS-MLP22651-139 After a little while everyone was asked to gather their coats & move outside. The guest were all amazed with the wonderful firework display & I was really pleased with the images I captured.443-KIH-ML-MLP34717-378 449-KIH-ML-MLP34747-384 450-KIH-KS-MLP22738-143 452-KIH-ML-MLP34766-388We then moved back inside for a bit more dancefloor action before it was our Cinderella moment as we made our way homeward.

476-KIH-ML-MLP34833-411 477-KIH-ML-MLP34834-412 484-KIH-ML-MLP34855-419

A Sneak Peek – Wedding at Sulgrave Manor – Gill & Dave

Just before Valentines Day Mark travelled to photograph the wedding of Dave & Gill at Sulgrave Manor near Banbury.GDS-LORD7740-4

Sulgrave Manor is the ancestral home of George Washington the first president of the United States. It is a wonderful historical building & is open to the public. It is also available for weddings & looked beautiful bathed in candlelight.GDS-LORD8027-94Gill & Dave’s wedding party included the bride & groom, the registrar & witnesses & we gathered in the great hall for the ceremony. It was so intimate Mark was asked to be a witness!GDS-LORD7955-72

Mark was really pleased to be asked to be a part of such a special day & loves the photographs he captured around this beautiful building.GDS-LORD8104-111 GDS-LORD8166-124Congratulations Dave & Gill, wishing you every happiness. We hope you enjoy your sneaky peek!


Wedding at Eynsham Hall, Stacey & Lewis – A Sneak Peek

Kiti & I recently photographed the wedding of Stacey & Lewis at All Saints, Cuddesdon & Eynsham Hall.STJ-ML--LORD4768-1I went straight to start photographing Stacey & her 6 bridesmaids getting ready at Eynsham Hall whilst Becky dropped Kiti off in Wheatley to shoot the boys getting styled up.STJ-KS--IMG_1806-11As you can imagine, with six bridesmaids, mother of the bride & a bride to get ready it was a hive of activity. I got some great shots of them all having their hair & make up done. My favourite moment was a real tear-jerker & I love the images that I took of Stacey’s Mum giving her a ring that she had commissioned ‘My first diamond for my first girl’ It really is an honour to be able to photograph these really special moments & I hope that my images add to the memories.STJ-ML--LORD4823-18 STJ-ML--LORD4926-56 STJ-ML--LORD4928-57 STJ-ML--LORD4933-60 STJ-ML--LORD4939-61By now Kiti had done some shots of the boys in stylish ‘Reservoir Dogs’ mode before making their way to the church where she did some lovely shots of the groom & his Dad.STJ-KS--IMG_1875-21 STJ-KS--IMG_1933-30 STJ-KS--IMG_1951-32By now it was time for the bridesmaids to board the route master bus along with the other guests to make the journey to the church.STJ-ML--LORD4973-73 STJ-ML--LORD4975-74Now this photographer had to make sure he didn’t miss the bus! I really love the moment when the Father-of-the-Bride sees his daughter in her finery so I didn’t want to miss this either. It was a really touching moment & Stacey’s dad was quite emotional as she glided down the stairs.STJ-ML--LORD4959-68

STJ-ML--LORD4951-64As Stacey arrived her bridesmaids were waiting at the Lych-gate for her & they made their way into the church for Stacey to meet her groom.STJ-ML--LORD4990-82 STJ-ML--LORD4994-84STJ-ML--LORD5019-95 STJ-ML--LORD5052-108 STJ-KS--IMG_2123-60 STJ-KS--IMG_2136-63After a lovely service Stacey & Lewis made their way out of the church to a flurry of confetti – considering storm Desmond had hit Britain we got some great shots before the confetti was blown away!STJ-ML--LORD5110-131Everyone popped back onto the bus to make the journey back to Eynsham with the Bride & Groom along with a glass of prosecco.STJ-ML--LORD5138-139 STJ-ML--LORD5143-141On returning to Eynsham Hall we used the wonderful architecture for the group shots before taking Stacey & Lewis off for some shots with the two of them.STJ-ML--LORD5192-153 STJ-ML--LORD5531-210 STJ-ML--LORD5501-204 STJ-ML--LORD5579-218It was now time for Stacey & Lewis to return to their guests for the wedding breakfast & speeches.STJ-ML--LORD5682-261 STJ-ML--LORD5684-262 STJ-ML--LORD5719-275 STJ-ML--LORD5736-284 STJ-KS--IMG_2368-101After the wedding breakfast it was time for Lewis to take his bride onto the dance floor for their first dance as husband & wife.STJ-ML--LORD5848-311

As always, after getting some dance floor & cigar action Kiti & I left everyone on the dance floor & wound our way home.STJ-ML--LORD5793-300 STJ-ML--LORD5823-305 STJ-ML--LORD5874-316 STJ-ML--LORD5897-322

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek Stacey & Lewis! Wishing you every happiness…..


Sam & Charles – A Sneak Peek!

Kiti & I breathed a sigh of relief as we made our way to Sam & Charles’ wedding in beautiful sunshine after what seemed like 24 hours of rain the day before.


I photographed Sam’s sister Georgie’s wedding last year & for those of you that keep an eye on my facebook page will have seen the shots of Sam catching Georgie’s bouquet that I reposted last week. Sam was one of Georgie’s bridesmaids last year & Georgie was one of Sam’s lovely bridesmaids. It is always lovely to be recommended by couples to their friends & families & even better when the new couple have seen me at work!

139-SCH-ML-LORD2997_072Kiti started the day with Charles, his best man, ushers & family at Charles & Sam’s home before boarding an original routemaster bus to make the journey to the church. They picked up a few guests along the way & made a pit stop at the pub!


Meanwhile I was with Sam at her family home getting ready with her bridesmaids & family. Sam’s family are great fun & the preparations even included her dad swinging from a rather high rope swing! Not many fathers would risk life & limb on their daughters wedding day & I must admit my heart was in my mouth!

108-SCH-ML-LORD2870_051 120-SCH-ML-LORD2922_060 122-SCH-ML-LORD2940_062

By now the bus had made its way to the church & it was time for Sam to get to the church to see her groom!


It was a lovely service & Sam’s Dad certainly seemed pleased to get his final daughter of three married!

205-SCH-KS-IMG_2676_106 202-SCH-ML-LORD3118_101

After the service & a flurry of confetti Kiti & I went back to Sam’s parents house for some shots of the two of them together. Charles decided against having a go on the rope swing!

291-SCH-ML-LORD3384_155 305-SCH-ML-LORD3439_165 300-SCH-ML-LORD3411_161

Not wanting to miss out on the party we made our way back to the wedding reception which was located in Sam & Charles’ beautiful garden. The entered through a lovely floral arch & a tunnel of their friends & family.


Whilst their friends & families mingled in the sunshine to the sounds of a steel band we did the more formal….& not so formal group shots.

431-SCH-ML-LORD3911_268 433-SCH-ML-LORD3922_270 441-SCH-ML-LORD3983_278Which included this intrepid photographer risking life & limb to climb a ladder to capture the entire wedding party!424-SCH-ML-LORD3857_261

Now it was time for the wedding breakfast & speeches, which involved lots of fun & laughter & childhood videos.

496-SCH-KS-IMG_3371_191 512-SCH-ML-LORD4194_332 541-SCH-ML-LORD4265_355 555-SCH-ML-LORD4289_366 563-SCH-ML-LORD4307_373 593-SCH-ML-LORD4378_397 597-SCH-ML-LORD4391_402 605-SCH-ML-LORD4403_409After the speeches Sam took to the stage to throw her bouquet this time caught by Charles’ sister & Sam surprised her groom with a song accompanied by her bridesmaids.


It was now time for everyone to hit the dancefloor & we left them dancing the night away!

738-SCH-ML-LORD4776_523 724-SCH-ML-LORD4740_511 714-SCH-ML-LORD4711_502 704-SCH-ML-LORD4662_493
Wishing you every happiness Sam & Charles. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek – lots more to come!