Wedding at West Wycombe House, Karen & Ian, A Sneak Peek

Recently Kiti & were lucky enough to photograph a wedding at a beautiful country home called West Wycombe House. I have photographed the house & estate several times but this was my first wedding there & one I have been really looking forward to.233-KIH-ML-MLP34121-186Kiti & I both started at the house but Kiti made her way into West Wycombe village to the primary school to meet Ian the Groom. He went to school there for some shots as a memento before going back to the house for shots by the beautiful columns & in the stable yard!040-KIH-KS-MLP21913-7 053-KIH-KS-MLP21970-14I made my way into the house to find Karen the bride & took some shots of her getting ready. It was so convenient for her, she only needed to make the short journey down the stairs to meet her groom.043-KIH-ML-MLP33405-37 081-KIH-ML-MLP33461-55West Wycombe House and its 5000 acre estate is the home of the Dashwood family and has been since 1698. The current Premier Baronet of Great Britain is Sir Edward Dashwood, 12th. Bt, and he currently resides at West Wycombe Park with his wife and family. The house today is often featured in screen adaptations of literary classics such as Cranford, Downton Abbey & was most recently seen in Doctor Thorne.002-KIH-ML-MLP33316-2The Hall where the ceremony was held is a beautiful room with marble & frescoes.The staircase that Karen descended on is a work of art on its own made of mahogany with inlaid satinwood & ebony. Their friends, family & an expectant groom waited as Karen made her way down the stairs to meet him with her best friend Mark.101-KIH-ML-MLP33511-71 104-KIH-ML-MLP33518-74 108-KIH-ML-MLP33529-78 112-KIH-ML-MLP33537-81After the lovely service Karen, Ian & their guests moved onto the colonnade for champagne & canapés before we took the group shots. We then took Ian & Karen away for a few quiet minutes to get some stylish shots of the two of them. Very often my Brides & Grooms say how much they enjoy this part of the day. A part of the day that they can take a deep breath & take it all in…And a have minute just the two of them…..well, apart from me!232-KIH-ML-MLP34118-185 241-KIH-KS-MLP22360-78 258-KIH-ML-MLP34225-205 255-KIH-ML-MLP34202-202

I never keep them away too long & it was soon time for them to join their guests in the Music Room for the wedding breakfast.288-KIH-ML-MLP34330-235 341-KIH-KS-MLP22475-102 342-KIH-ML-MLP34482-291 363-KIH-ML-MLP34517-311 365-KIH-KS-MLP22508-111 380-KIH-KS-MLP22540-117After a delicious meal & some very funny speeches it was time for cutting the cake & then for a boogie on the dancefloor.424-KIH-ML-MLP34658-355 433-KIH-ML-MLP34689-367 438-KIH-KS-MLP22651-139 After a little while everyone was asked to gather their coats & move outside. The guest were all amazed with the wonderful firework display & I was really pleased with the images I captured.443-KIH-ML-MLP34717-378 449-KIH-ML-MLP34747-384 450-KIH-KS-MLP22738-143 452-KIH-ML-MLP34766-388We then moved back inside for a bit more dancefloor action before it was our Cinderella moment as we made our way homeward.

476-KIH-ML-MLP34833-411 477-KIH-ML-MLP34834-412 484-KIH-ML-MLP34855-419


Sam & Charles – A Sneak Peek!

Kiti & I breathed a sigh of relief as we made our way to Sam & Charles’ wedding in beautiful sunshine after what seemed like 24 hours of rain the day before.


I photographed Sam’s sister Georgie’s wedding last year & for those of you that keep an eye on my facebook page will have seen the shots of Sam catching Georgie’s bouquet that I reposted last week. Sam was one of Georgie’s bridesmaids last year & Georgie was one of Sam’s lovely bridesmaids. It is always lovely to be recommended by couples to their friends & families & even better when the new couple have seen me at work!

139-SCH-ML-LORD2997_072Kiti started the day with Charles, his best man, ushers & family at Charles & Sam’s home before boarding an original routemaster bus to make the journey to the church. They picked up a few guests along the way & made a pit stop at the pub!


Meanwhile I was with Sam at her family home getting ready with her bridesmaids & family. Sam’s family are great fun & the preparations even included her dad swinging from a rather high rope swing! Not many fathers would risk life & limb on their daughters wedding day & I must admit my heart was in my mouth!

108-SCH-ML-LORD2870_051 120-SCH-ML-LORD2922_060 122-SCH-ML-LORD2940_062

By now the bus had made its way to the church & it was time for Sam to get to the church to see her groom!


It was a lovely service & Sam’s Dad certainly seemed pleased to get his final daughter of three married!

205-SCH-KS-IMG_2676_106 202-SCH-ML-LORD3118_101

After the service & a flurry of confetti Kiti & I went back to Sam’s parents house for some shots of the two of them together. Charles decided against having a go on the rope swing!

291-SCH-ML-LORD3384_155 305-SCH-ML-LORD3439_165 300-SCH-ML-LORD3411_161

Not wanting to miss out on the party we made our way back to the wedding reception which was located in Sam & Charles’ beautiful garden. The entered through a lovely floral arch & a tunnel of their friends & family.


Whilst their friends & families mingled in the sunshine to the sounds of a steel band we did the more formal….& not so formal group shots.

431-SCH-ML-LORD3911_268 433-SCH-ML-LORD3922_270 441-SCH-ML-LORD3983_278Which included this intrepid photographer risking life & limb to climb a ladder to capture the entire wedding party!424-SCH-ML-LORD3857_261

Now it was time for the wedding breakfast & speeches, which involved lots of fun & laughter & childhood videos.

496-SCH-KS-IMG_3371_191 512-SCH-ML-LORD4194_332 541-SCH-ML-LORD4265_355 555-SCH-ML-LORD4289_366 563-SCH-ML-LORD4307_373 593-SCH-ML-LORD4378_397 597-SCH-ML-LORD4391_402 605-SCH-ML-LORD4403_409After the speeches Sam took to the stage to throw her bouquet this time caught by Charles’ sister & Sam surprised her groom with a song accompanied by her bridesmaids.


It was now time for everyone to hit the dancefloor & we left them dancing the night away!

738-SCH-ML-LORD4776_523 724-SCH-ML-LORD4740_511 714-SCH-ML-LORD4711_502 704-SCH-ML-LORD4662_493
Wishing you every happiness Sam & Charles. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek – lots more to come!

Lora & James – A Sneak Peek

Kiti & I photographed the wedding of Lora & James at Milton Hill House, Steventon near Oxford. Now, as a wedding photographer it is always lovely when the sun shines & it is even better when the wedding ceremony can be outside.


We arrived at the venue & I popped straight upstairs to find the bride. Lora was preparing for the day with her parents & five bridesmaids. The bridesmaids all looked lovely in navy dresses with small yellow posies of ranunculus & billy balls tied with stripey yellow ribbons. The bride looked lovely in a simple dress with beautiful tapework, delicate sequins & beading. She carried a larger version of her bridesmaids posies this time tied with navy stripey ribbon & adorned with an initial A for her new surname.

049-LJA-ML-IMG_1019-37 087-LJA-ML-IMG_1070-56
Whilst I was with the bridal party Kiti was with the groom to take some portraits with him & his Best Man, Ushers & family….and the all important ring shot!

028-LJA-KS-IMG_7219-4 060-LJA-KS-IMG_7308-14

As the guests gathered on the lawns in front of a lovely brick built pergola Lora accompanied by her bridal party made her way to meet her groom.


It was such a lovely ceremony in the sunshine & the Bride & Groom made their way back down the aisle with beaming sunny, smiles!


Then it was time for group shots in the grounds in the shade of some lovely trees before I took the Bride & Groom off for some couple shots.


Milton Hill House Hotel is a new venue for me but Lora & James were up for an adventure & we found some really varied areas from Italian sunken gardens to some fantastic barns which gave a textured, vintage feel to the images.


After our adventure it was time for Lora & James to join their guests for the traditional wedding breakfast. Lora, James & their friends & families had decorated the room with touches of yellow & navy from pom-poms to some seriously perfect bunting made by the mums on the back of each chair.

330-LJA-ML-IMG_1961-224 331-LJA-ML-IMG_1963-225 334-LJA-ML-IMG_1970-227

There were great speeches from James & his best man ……but I love the look on their faces during Lora’s Dad, Derek’s speech – priceless & very funny!

370-LJA-ML-IMG_2022-253 385-LJA-ML-IMG_2048-262 405-LJA-ML-IMG_2091-279

After the wedding breakfast it was time for the cutting of the cake & the first dance before everyone hit the dancefloor. Kiti & I left everyone dancing the night away

482-LJA-ML-IMG_2289-328 510-LJA-ML-IMG_2377-352

Congratulations Lora & James – wishing you every happiness. Hope you love your sneak peek as much as we do!

Sam & Darren – A Sneak Peek!

Shortly before Christmas I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Sam & Darren in the Cotswolds.


It was a beautiful sunny winters day as Kiti & I headed to the picturesque village of Broadway. The wedding was held in the historical hotel The Lygon Arms. It is a beautiful building in honey-coloured Cotswold stone & looked wonderful in the sunshine.


The first hotel on the site was documented in 1532. Their service was held in the wonderful Great Hall with the sunlight streaming through the windows & Sam was accompanied up the aisle by her very proud Dad. I love this image of Darren seeing his bride, I think his smile says it all….

067-SDC-KS-IMG_5767-27 It was a lovely wedding with inspiration from the season. Darren & his groomsmen had stylish tweed suits accented by ruby red ties & pocket squares.


Sam wore a gorgeous short dress with lace overlay & carried a beautiful bouquet of dark crimson roses. She also wore a fantastic pair of Jimmy Choos!


The Lygon Arms provided a stunning backdrop for the bride & groom photographs with the warm Cotswold stone frontage, Tudor timbers & a lovely garden.

147-SDC-ML-IMG_0396-105 After a delicious dinner in the Great Hall Sam, Darren & their guests hit the dance floor. Its been a while since I saw such enthusiastic dancing!

321-SDC-ML-IMG_0782-231 335-SDC-ML-IMG_0831-240

Congratulations Sam & Darren, wishing you every happiness for married life together


Angie & Simon – A Sneak Peek

A couple of weekends ago I photographed Angie & Simon to celebrate their big day.

ASW-ML-IMG_2169-4 Angie & Simon got married in Zante, Greece & decided to throw a party to celebrate on their return. A great idea so family & friends who couldn’t travel to your wedding can celebrate with you.


Angie & Simon held their party at The Jam Factory in Oxford. A great party venue The Jam Factory is a restaurant, bar & arts venue in the heart of the city. The building has a fabulous, industrial history & was the Frank Cooper jam factory between 1903 & the end of WWII. Frank Cooper’s marmalade was especially popular with dons and students in Oxford University. It was taken to Antarctica on Scott’s expedition to the South Pole & a jar was found buried in the ice many years later.


I was really pleased with the images we captured of the party in full people chatting & laughing. I also was able to get some great shots of the couple around & outside the venue. I love the contrast of the bride in her finery against the backdrop of the Victorian brickwork.


Their daughters performed Ho Hey by the Lumineers for Angie & Simon’s first dance. I think the images I took of the girls nervous beforehand to the exhilaration of the performance really captured the moment.

ASW-ML-IMG_2800-162 ASW-ML-IMG_2828-167 ASW-ML-IMG_2821-166

It was a great evening to be part of & I hope Angie & Simon enjoy their sneak peek. Wishing you every happiness for the future.


Charlotte & Alex – A Sneak Peek!

Recently I was thrilled to be asked to photograph Alex & Charlotte’s wedding in Weybridge, Surrey. To me the best testimonial of my work is to be recommended by my brides & grooms to their friends & families. About 4 or so years ago I photographed Alex’s sister’s wedding & I must have impressed to be asked again!


Alex & Charlotte’s day dawned bright & clear but the forecasted weather did make an appearance as Charlotte travelled to the church. Part of my skill as a photographer is to use the weather conditions to add something to the photographs rather than detract. As an example one of my favourite shots of the day is the bride photographed through the raindrops on the car window.

121-CAP-ML-2120-73 That being said, we were all pleased when the sun did shine & I got some really great shots of the bride & groom in the beautiful gardens of their venue Cherkley Court.

273-CAP-ML-2739-205One of the joys of being a wedding photographer is the variation whether it is wedding to wedding or the moments you capture on the day. From the nervous reflection of the bride & groom before the wedding, the excited smiles of the bridesmaids to the laughter of the speeches & the fun of the dance floor. I am used to the traditional disco or band but Alex & Charlotte also had, due to Alex’s Greek heritage, traditional Greek dancing accompanied by Alex’s grandfather Bambos playing a bouzouki which is a traditional long necked stringed instrument a little like a mandolin. The moves on the dance floor were certainly very impressive & I was pleased with the images I captured.



The day also included one of the best bouquet tosses I’ve ever seen. It was so impressive it’s going to have its own blog post – keep your eyes peeled!

598-CAP-KS-7052-236 So, Alex & Charlotte here are your sneak peeks, I really hope you love them. Wishing you every happiness for your future lives together.

Deborah & Stephen, The Tythe Barn – Sneak Peek!

Another sunny Saturday & I was off to one of my favourite venues The Tythe Barn, Launton near Bicester.


Deborah & Stephen hail from up north so they & their friends travelled down for a wedding in the Oxfordshire countryside. The Tythe Barn is a great venue with lots of options for all weathers; I shoot weddings there all year come rain & shine. When the sun is shining you can have the ceremony outside as Deborah & Stephen did. What a lovely aisle to walk up, a verdant arbour with your family & friends seated either side.


The flowers were beautiful, the ever-popular gypsophila in generous bouquets worked wonderfully against the bridesmaids dresses from Two Birds. Inside, Charlie from The Flower Fairies had decorated the barn with beautiful greenery highlighting the historical architecture.


Deborah & Stephen had some fantastic styling & details on the day & an important part of a wedding photographers job is to capture these for posterity. I particularly loved their table plan; pots of lavender & the place names were labels on granny smith apples!

270-271DSA-KS-IMG_5417-97-The lovely day rolled into a beautiful summers evening & I shot some great photos of the guests mingling & playing croquet. As with most weddings though my evening ended on the dance floor – not dancing you’ll be pleased to know!


530-531DSA-ML-IMG_1579-343- I hope you enjoy your sneak peek Deborah & Stephen. Wishing you every happiness for your future life together….


Pre-Wedding shoot with a bigger twist… #weddings #dogs

Recently Clare and Conor booked me for their wedding photography at Notley Tythe Barn. I love a rustic wedding at a tythe barn so if you are getting married at one of the Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire or Wiltshire tythe barns please do get in touch!

I was at a wedding fair at Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon, near Thame and Clare and her Mum came by to see me and introduce themselves. We had a chat and before Clare left she mentioned bringing their dog to the pre wedding shoot. I really enjoy photographing dogs, I could photograph dogs all day long and in my time have photographed all sorts from terriers to Newfoundlands. It’s been a while since I have photographed an Old English Sheep dog but Clare and Conor brought their 8 month old ‘Old English’ with them to the shoot, called Eddie! I was a little taken back when I opened the door but not quite so as our cat who sensed something large and hairy at the door and legged it upstairs.

We headed off into the nearby South Oxfordshire fields with Eddie and we all had a blast. I am very much looking forward to their wedding later in the year at Notley Tythe Barn

Here are a few of my favourite images from the shoot.Portrait Photographer Thame-CCB-ML-IMG_7887_003_001 Portrait Photographer Thame-CCB-ML-IMG_7947_011_004Portrait Photographer Thame-CCB-ML-IMG_7901_005_003

Portrait Photographer Thame-CCB-ML-IMG_7959_012_005