Charlotte, Robin and Other Animals….

A couple of months ago I met one of my lovely couples, Charlotte and Robin at Wellington Riding near Reading, Berkshire. Charlotte keeps her horse there and wanted to have some pictures with him and their dog Oswald. Pirate the horse and I originate from Cornwall so we had something in common, he is definately more handsome although my nose is smaller!  I love photographing people as well as animals so this session was going to be great fun and possibly challenging as Oswald and Pirate do not always see eye to eye!

It was a great session and I think we all enjoyed it, even Pirate and Oswald! Here are some of the pictures that Charlotte and Robin had in their signing book for their wedding.

RCJ-2321 RCJ-2387 RCJ-2406 RCJ-2427 RCJ-2439 RCJ-2507 RCJ-2526 RCJ-2541 RCJ-2557 RCJ-2624

Keep a look out on my Facebook page for a sneaky peek at some of their wedding pictures from last weekend!



Equestrian Photography

Francesca, one of our brides from a few years back whom I have remained friends with via the wonders of social networking recently contacted me to arrange a shoot for her and her new dressage horse. With several sessions cancelled due to the unpredictable British weather we finally got together for the shoot earlier this week. With a bit of colour on the trees, a dry day and some reasonable light everything was looking good for the photo session. Bube her new horse, a dressage champion however was not so keen, he is naturally a pro in the arena but not such a pro at having his picture taken. However, with a few cheeky noises from me and a little gentle persuasion from his boss we got there in the end.

Francesca runs Sunhill Stud in Gloucestershire, the heart of good riding country. Francesca has achieved a number of qualifications, including a Flathorse trainers license and a Lady riders License as well as being awarded a 1st Level Riding Instructor Qualification. More about Francesca and her wonderful horses can be found by clicking here.

Here are some of my favourite images from the session

I think Francesca liked the images as she has just ‘Facebooked’ me the word AMAZING! She is getting a lot of comments from her Italian family and friends on her Facebook page about the pictures – If only I could understand Italian!

Please do get in touch if you would like some pictures of you and your horses for publicity or just for yourself.