#Family Portrait #Photography in #Oxfordshire

Last year I met this lovely family for some outdoor family portraits in Oxfordshire.  It was a short visit for them as they live abroad but whilst here visiting family decided to get some portrait photographs done. It was a great little session and finished off with a cream tea for everyone!

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the shoot.

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Portrait Photographer Oxford-AP-IMG_1180_001_001Portrait Photographer Oxford-AP-IMG_1305_003-2_006Portrait Photographer Oxford-AP-IMG_1212_002_003 Portrait Photographer Oxford-AP-IMG_1310_004-2_008 Portrait Photographer Oxford-AP-IMG_1361_006_011 Portrait Photographer Oxford-AP-IMG_1384_007-2_014 Portrait Photographer Oxford-AP-IMG_1432_008-2_016 Portrait Photographer Oxford-AP-IMG_1439_009_017 Portrait Photographer Oxford-AP-IMG_1491_010-2_020Get off Mum and Dad your cramping my style!


Frolicking in the meadows…. #NCW13

A few weeks ago I was photographing some gorgeous wildflower meadows and the gentleman I was with had his Land Rover parked near to us. I could see the back window a bit steamed up and something licking the glass and then saw these lovely faces looking at me.

‘Can I photograph your dogs’ I said ‘Of course, my wife will love that’ was the reply. I’m not sure who enjoyed the shoot the most, me or the dog!

Here are a few pictures of his dogs in the meadow.

BHP-ML-IMG_3547_067 BHP-ML-IMG_3565_071 BHP-ML-IMG_3579_073 BHP-ML-IMG_3611_077 BHP-ML-IMG_3638_081 BHP-ML-IMG_3674_088