Wedding Photography at The Tythe Barn – Paula and Daniel

Last Friday I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Paula and Daniel at The Tythe Barn; this was my 4th wedding at the barn in a row, two around Christmas time and two since the New Year. It was yet another fabulous wedding day and the weather was just amazing with clear blue skies and quite warm for this time of year.

Paula and Dan told me their wedding was to be inspired by the film ‘UP’ a lovely film you should all try and watch. It’s a very colourful film so most of the inspiration was based on bright colours. WOW, I was not disappointed, this wedding had a lot of colour and thought put into the details.

Dan got ready on the outskirts of Brackley with his best men and ushers. He thought he was heading to the barn by taxi, however, Paula arranged a flash car to pick Dan up and take him to the barn. It was a great surprise that my assistant Jack captured and you can see Dan’s reaction in the images below.

Wedding Photography Tythe Barn-PDM-JS-IMG_9475_020_002 Wedding Photography Tythe Barn-PDM-JS-IMG_9486_024_003 Wedding Photography Tythe Barn-PDM-JS-IMG_9493_026_004 Wedding Photography Tythe Barn-PDM-JS-IMG_9520_033_005

Meanwhile, Paula was getting ready at their home with a cool orange VW Camper parked outside to take her, her parents and the bridesmaids to the barn. They could not have picked a better colour vehicle to be photographed against the blue sky and the backdrop of the barn as Paula and Co. arrived. It looked……… well……. wicked!

Wedding Photographer Tythe Barn-PDM-ML-IMG_0929_065_016

The ceremony went off in true, flawless Tythe Barn style with a reading and a poem written by Paula which was most funny. Then followed the champagne reception in the courtyard with a handful of group shots and some inspired by Paula….

Wedding Photographer Tythe Barn-PDM-ML-IMG_1262_146_029I had my usual 20-30 minutes with the bride and groom to get some lovely pictures of the two of them. Paula and Dan particularly liked my vintage style that I applied to some of their pre wedding shoot pictures and ask for me to apply these effects to some of their wedding pictures.

They had some really lovely ideas at their wedding and they both looked fantastic in their outfits. It was another wonderful Tythe Barn wedding and I look forward to my next one there in June.

There was a very special man there too, Paula’s grandad who is 99 soon and as bright as a button!

Wedding Photographer Tythe Barn-PDM-ML-IMG_1092_119_001Paula and Dan have been on a mini moon (small honeymoon!) for a few days and I have promised them some teasers soon. Here’s a sneaky peek guys – there are a lot more images to show you soon…..

#Weddings at the Tythe Barn, Caroline and Greg’s sneaky peek

Between Christmas and New Year I was back at one of my regular haunts, The Tythe Barn, Launton. Anyone who follows my blog or Facebook page will know I shoot several weddings at the barn and it is certainly one of my favourite Oxfordshire wedding venues.
Caroline and Greg came to me highly recommended by the barn and booked me for their big day. I have always wanted to photograph a Christmas wedding at the barn and when Caroline and Greg booked me I was more than delighted. The weather on the run up to the wedding was, as you will probably remember quite stormy, so naturally I was slightly concerned what the weather would be like for Caroline and Greg. The barn is a perfect venue should the weather turn bad as there is plenty of room indoors for the wedding guests to enjoy. Still, I did not have to worry as it was a glorious sunny day. Caroline and Greg had their wedding service at Caroline’s family church in Ambrosden with part of the service being taken by a family friend. The light on the day was amazing, if not a little sideways, but that’s all one can expect this time of the year and I was just grateful it was not raining.
The barn put on their usual high standard of service, food and drink for the lovely couple and the guests danced the night away with a DJ dishing out some pretty groovy tracks!
Here is Caroline and Greg’s sneaky peek. Plenty more to come and I hope the galleries will go live later next week.

Weddings at The Tythe Barn

A couple of weeks ago I was back at my favourite Oxfordshire wedding venue, The Tythe Barn nr Bicester. I have photographed several weddings there over the years and know the venue and staff really well. However, this wedding was going to be a little different….

Tim and Cat contacted me earlier this year to check my availability. On talking to them they told me about a few things they were going to do differently. One of those things was a ‘First Look’. I had never done a ‘First Look’ before but was keen to photograph one. A First Look is…. well a First Look at each other generally with the bride walking up to the groom and then looking at each other for the first time (that day!) Got it! Well, I was very excited about photographing my first ‘First Look’!

I was not disappointed. Tim positioned himself amongst the trees at The Tythe Barn and Cat approached from behind and it really was a lovely moment when they saw each other for the first time and made for some great photographs.

As Tim and Cat had seen each other now before the wedding ceremony we decided to do a few pictures of the two of them and a few family groups for those that were there. It was quite cool doing a wedding day in a different order, and also with a Winter wedding with it getting dark by 4pm it made a lot of sense to shoot the group photos and pictures of the bride and groom pre ceremony. Obviously this will only work if you are doing a ‘First Look’ but something I would recommend if you wanted to do things

Tim greeted their family and friends as they arrived whilst Cat was tucked away. We all then enjoyed a wonderful ceremony with some entertaining readings, a few more group shots and a drinks reception in the cow shed. Then another first for me was The Tythe Barn’s self carve roast, which went down well with everyone.

Tim and Cat had several lovely touches to the day with georgous flowers by The Flower Fairies and a massive LOVE by Vowed and Amazed.

Finally another cool idea Tim and Cat had was for the first dance, where Cat starts dancing with her Dad, whilst Tim eyes Cat up and then comes onto the dance floor, kicks Dad off and has his first dance with his bride. It was a lot more romantic then I have made it sound!

I am one of the recommended photographers of The Tythe Barn and have a special offer for all couples who get married at The Tythe Barn. If you are getting married there in 2014, 2015  or beyond please do get in touch.

Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2008_002_001 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2015_005_002 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2029_010_003 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2047_016_004 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2050_018_005 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2054_020_006 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2064_023_007 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2099_031_008 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2106_032_009 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2111_034_010 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2117_036_011 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2123_038_012 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2135_040_013 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2152_046_014 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2156_047_015 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2159_048_016 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2163_049_017 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2188_054_018 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2231_059_019 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2243_062_020 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2264_065_021 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2268_066_022 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2279_069_023 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2302_075_024 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2304_076_025 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2368_092_026 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2382_095_027 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2386_096_028 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2396_100_029 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2416_104_030 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2430_107_031 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2445_110_032 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2485_119_033 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2486_120_034 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2504_125_035 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2526_133_036 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2581_151_037 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2602_159_038 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2606_160_039 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2628_171_040 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2638_175_041 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2641_177_042 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2662_182_043 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2683_188_044 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2791_213_045 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2815_219_046 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2846_228_047 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2865_236_048 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2895_241_049 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2903_242_050 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2920_249_051 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2922_250_052 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2924_252_053 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3017_278_054 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3021_280_055 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3037_284_056 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3056_291_057 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3062_293_058 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3087_303_059 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3106_310_060 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3109_311_061 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3141_327_062 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3155_333_063 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3296_367_064 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3300_368_065 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3301_369_066 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_3306_373_067


Antonia and David, Wadham College and The Tythe Barn

Last month Jack and I photographed the wedding of Antonia and David at Wadham College and then onto the beautiful Tythe Barn, Launton, Bicester for the reception.

David studied at Wadham so it was a great choice of venue to wow their guests who were mainly from Belgium and Wales. Wadham College is in Oxford’s city centre and is surrounded by architectural splendour and history. The architecture of Wadham College is simply stunning and offers great backgrounds for photography. Having photographed  several Oxford colleges in recent years I always get excited when I get another enquiry to photograph at such magnificent venues.

After the service the reception was held at The Tythe Barn, Launton, near Bicester one of my favourite wedding venues in Oxfordshire. Will & Emma who run the barn have restored this historical building beautifully & their attention to detail shows in every wedding I have had the pleasure to photograph there.

Here are a few pictures from Antonia and David’s stunning day. Please see more on my Facebook page and please LIKE my page for regular updates and offers in the future.

For weddings at The Tythe Barn I offer up to two complimentary hours into the evening if you book me for 6 or more. For more information either pick up a leaflet next time you visit The Tythe Barn or email me for details.

In the meantime enjoy the pictures…..


ADM-7086 ADM-7099 ADM-7158 ADM-7175 ADM-7371 ADM-7389 ADM-7453 ADM-7461 ADM-7606 ADM-7659 ADM-7674 ADM-7685 ADM-7727 ADM-7922 ADM-8028 ADM-8055 ADM-8212 ADM-9647