A Cornish Festival Wedding – A Sneak Peek – Leanne & Tim

Most of our weddings are in Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire so it was with great excitement that we travelled down the A30 to my native Cornwall to photograph the wedding of Leanne & Tim.011-LT-BJ-MLP23952_124I started the day in Falmouth with Leanne, her bridesmaids & Mum & Dad at their family home. It was a lovely part of the day, I know them well as Leanne’s Mum Dianne is my cousin! I photographed the girls when they were young before I left Cornwall but it was lovely to catch up. I loved the images I captured of the girls getting ready & Leanne’s Dad keeping out the way in the garden!028-LT-ML-MLP37487_040 022-LT-ML-MLP37394_005

024-LT-ML-MLP37409_011 029-LT-ML-MLP37499_045 031-LT-ML-MLP37525_055 032-LT-ML-MLP37531_058Before long it was time for Leanne to get into her dress & make her way down the stairs to see her family. I love the emotion of this moment of the day when a proud dad glimpses his daughter in her dress for the first time.033-LT-ML-MLP37545_062 034-LT-ML-MLP37570_070 035-LT-ML-MLP37579_072 036-LT-ML-MLP37583_074 037-LT-ML-MLP37586_076I then whisked myself off to the reception venue to make sure I was there in readiness for Leanne & Andrew’s arrival. Meanwhile my assistant had been photographing Tim & the guests arriving. Even my assistant at this wedding was a blast from the past! Many years ago when I was starting out I assisted a very talented photographer called Bjorn. Fast forward a few years & the roles had reversed & Bjorn was helping me out for the day. It was great working with again & we had a blast!001-LT-BJ-MLP23516_012 002-LT-BJ-MLP23521_013 003-LT-BJ-MLP23540_020Back to the wedding, by now a expectant groom was waiting for his brides arrival. He didn’t have to wait too long before she arrived on the arm of her proud dad.044-LT-ML-MLP37768_134

041-LT-ML-MLP37712_119 042-LT-ML-MLP37716_121 043-LT-ML-MLP37742_127

045-LT-ML-MLP37770_135 046-LT-ML-MLP37790_142 047-LT-ML-MLP37799_146 051-LT-ML-MLP37819_154 052-LT-ML-MLP37822_156 056-LT-ML-MLP37849_165 057-LT-ML-MLP37855_167 058-LT-ML-MLP37856_168 059-LT-ML-MLP37858_169 060-LT-ML-MLP37877_179After a beautiful ceremony we all made our way outside & Leanne & Tim appeared with a flurry of confetti.066-LT-ML-MLP37927_196After the group shots in the Cornish sunshine we enlisted Becky’s help to drive the photography crew down to the beach for a few shots. Leanne & Tim made their way in style in a very cool VW camper. We really wanted to get some shots of them with the camper with the sea behind them. Now being a Saturday in July it wasn’t guaranteed but with a very helpful driver & a couple of signs being ignored we captured the shot!071-LT-ML-MLP38147_239Leanne took off her shoes & we made our way onto the beach to do some shots of the two of them. We certainly caused quite a stir!072-LT-ML-MLP38180_249 008-LT-BJ-MLP23888_110 010-LT-BJ-MLP23914_115We didn’t want to take too long so we then made our way back to the reception venue Penmorvah Manor just outside my home village of Budock Water. Leanne & Tim then enjoyed a fabulous wedding breakfast surrounded by their friends & families. There were some fabulous speeches & it was fantastic to capture the emotions – the laughter & the tears. The highlight certainly was at the end of Andrew’s speech when their friends & family all joined in with a rendition of All You Need is Love – kazoos & all. This was a complete surprise for them both but there was quite a few more surprises to come!074-LT-ML-MLP38256_273 075-LT-ML-MLP38260_275 077-LT-ML-MLP38299_288 078-LT-ML-MLP38314_293 080-LT-ML-MLP38326_298 084-LT-ML-MLP38362_317 085-LT-ML-MLP38366_319 086-LT-ML-MLP38369_321 087-LT-ML-MLP38371_323 088-LT-ML-MLP38373_324 089-LT-ML-MLP38374_325After the wedding breakfast a vintage coach turned up to take all the guests to the next venue for the evening festivities. Leanne & Tim are both massive festival fans having got engaged at one & they both worked really hard on arranging a fabulous festival wedding! They had great attention to detail with fantastic signage, a hand built stage with live music & even a camping field for the dedicated festival goers!097-LT-ML-MLP38495_372 099-LT-ML-MLP38514_379 100-LT-ML-MLP38519_381 018-LT-BJ-MLP24258_205 020-LT-BJ-MLP24473_256 019-LT-BJ-MLP24279_211 113-LT-ML-MLP38692_445 109-LT-ML-MLP38645_431 117-LT-ML-MLP38738_462 118-LT-ML-MLP38740_463 119-LT-ML-MLP38756_469 120-LT-ML-MLP38789_478 121-LT-ML-MLP38796_480 127-LT-ML-MLP38855_501 130-LT-ML-MLP38891_514 135-LT-ML-MLP38975_532 136-LT-ML-MLP38979_533It was a fabulous evening & was enjoyed by all. It was great to photograph a wedding surrounded by so many of my family too. It was so great that I couldn’t seem to put my camera down, it might have had something to do with all the surprises too! One of which was when Leanne & Andrew were announced onto the dancefloor for their traditional Father & Daughter dance….or so we thought! Check out the photos as they busted some serious dance moves. It really was a fantastic day from start to finish. Wishing you every happiness Leanne & Tim. We hope you enjoy your sneak peek, there are lots more to come!012-LT-BJ-MLP23964_126





Georgia & Sam, A Sneak Peek

Last week we showed you what happens when you catch the bouquet in the most epic bouquet toss ever. We also teased you with an image from Georgia & Sam’s wedding. Now it’s time for their sneak peek!302-GSB-MLP21236-414It’s always lovely to book weddings through recommendation & lovely to know how our happy Brides & Grooms have told their friends & families about us. We photographed Georgia’s sister Charlotte’s wedding to Alex two years ago & before that had photographed Alex sister’s wedding. Kiti & I arrived in Weybridge in plenty of time for the wedding & recce’d the locations so we knew where we were going. You so often hear about wedding cars getting lost & cakes going missing. We always make sure that routes have been timed & we have an idea of where we are going in case the faithful satnav breaks down! I then dropped Kiti off with Sam & the boys to capture them getting ready. She got there just as they were having the obligatory full English before they were suited & booted….& some graffiti on the bottom of Sam’s shoes.003-GSB-MLP20021-4 026-GSB-MLP20139-41 037-GSB-MLP20204-54 059-GSB-MLP20362-89I then joined Georgia & her bridesmaids at her parent’s home. I captured some lovely shots of the Georgia & girls getting ready. After getting ready upstairs Georgia made her way downstairs where her bridesmaids & Mum & Dad were waiting expectantly for her. I love the moment where everyone sees the Bride for the first time & Georgia certainly brought a tear to their eyes.078-GSB-MLP38654-116 086-GSB-MLP38671-124 090-GSB-MLP38694-128 094-GSB-MLP38740-133 098-GSB-MLP38778-145 104-GSB-MLP38801-152 108-GSB-MLP38810-157 110-GSB-MLP38821-159 111-GSB-MLP38824-160 115-GSB-MLP38850-166After making the short journey to the church it was time for Georgia’s Dad to accompany her down the aisle to meet her groom.139-GSB-MLP38945-197
137-GSB-MLP38939-195148-GSB-MLP20620-209 160-GSB-MLP20629-222 165-GSB-MLP39018-229 171-GSB-MLP39034-239It really was a beautiful service with lots of tears & laughter. It’s always wonderful to see a couple in love starting their journey together.193-GSB-MLP39104-266After the service everyone poured outside & mingled with the Bride & Groom offering their congratulations. It was then time for a group shots before & the guests got their opportunity to cover the bride & groom with confetti.216-GSB-MLP39178-291224-GSB-MLP39229-299227-GSB-MLP39246-302229-GSB-MLP39259-304213-GSB-MLP20755-288The Bride & Groom were then whisked off to the Burhill Golf Club with Kiti & I in hot pursuit!235-GSB-MLP39283-312 240-GSB-MLP20814-321Georgia had surprised Sam with a steel band & I love the moment I captured where he first heard them as they were walking to the marquee.244-GSB-MLP39325-326 246-GSB-MLP39331-330 248-GSB-MLP20845-332As the guests were mingling in the sunshine Kiti & I took the bridal party away to do some cool group shots. I love the large scale balloons that the girls had & they really added to the atmosphere of the shots.273-GSB-MLP20920-367 276-GSB-MLP39514-373 280-GSB-MLP21017-378After groups the guys went back to the party & we did some more shots with the happy couple. They were really great & looked fantastic, we’re really thrilled with the images we took of them around the golf course.291-GSB-MLP21122-394 295-GSB-MLP21140-401 297-GSB-MLP21149-404 302-GSB-MLP21236-414After not too long it was time for the wedding breakfast so we took Georgia & Sam back to join their guests.306-GSB-MLP21266-421 315-GSB-MLP21300-431 322-GSB-MLP21347-440 332-GSB-MLP21381-451There were some great speeches & much laughter & tears. They are always fabulous to capture with some brilliant reactions!362-GSB-MLP39872-488 371-GSB-MLP39889-498 377-GSB-MLP39904-510 381-GSB-MLP21487-514 386-GSB-MLP21498-522 388-GSB-MLP21502-524 390-GSB-MLP21523-527 387-GSB-MLP21500-523 395-GSB-MLP21539-533 399-GSB-MLP21557-542 403-GSB-MLP21573-546 405-GSB-MLP21583-553After the wedding breakfast it was time to cut the cake & the first dance. Georgia & Sam hit the dance floor & there was hardly a dry eye in the house. This was certainly true once she’d also danced with her Dad & her lovely Grandad!432-GSB-MLP30088-588 441-GSB-MLP30123-597 445-GSB-MLP21707-602 455-GSB-MLP30167-613Now, when you’ve been part of the most epic bouquet toss its your duty to then pass the baton on so to speak. Georgia threw the bouquet & after a bit of a tussle & some spilled champagne her bridesmaid, Caroline, caught the bouquet. Could we be looking at a happy Mark Lord Photography Bride & Groom of the future?!
457-GSB-MLP30188-617 459-GSB-MLP21736-619463-GSB-MLP30197-624Everyone hit the dance floor & had great fun; the evening included a performance by Georgia’s sister Natalie & a group performance of Candy by Cameo by the entire dance floor!482-GSB-MLP30263-645 484-GSB-MLP30270-647 495-GSB-MLP21836-660 504-GSB-MLP21877-672We left everyone on the dance floor having fun! We hope you enjoy your sneak peek Georgia & Sam, wishing you every happiness!

A Colourful Tipi Wedding at Rushy Meadows, George & Kerrie – A Sneak Peek

A beautiful late Spring morning saw Kiti & I heading off to the wedding of George & Kerrie in sunny Garsington & Eynsham.047-GKE-ML-MLP38021-261I dropped Kiti in Garsington where she was to capture some images of the groom getting ready with a difference – we’ll come back to that later. I headed off to the little village of Thrupp just north of Oxford where Kerrie, the bride, was getting ready. Kerrie’s family are from North Yorkshire so had hired a lovely coach house to stay in which was the perfect place for Kerrie to get ready in.001-GKE-ML-MLP37385-6 005-GKE-ML-MLP37424-45 011-GKE-ML-MLP37483-94 012-GKE-ML-MLP37521-104 013-GKE-ML-MLP37523-105I captured some lovely images of Kerrie & her family getting ready but before long & I had to hop back into the car to get to the church before the bride. Kerrie was travelling by vintage VW camper van so I knew we wouldn’t be travelling at the same speed but the driver made excellent time & Kerrie arrived at the church on time.017-GKE-ML-MLP25271-143Meanwhile in George & Kerrie’s lovely cottage in Garsington where there was a houseful & the party had already started! George is originally from Cyprus & there are some important traditions to be celebrated before the service. The Best Man shaves the Groom in the presence of his family & friends. He then dresses the Groom in his shirt, waistcoat, tie & suit while music plays. His friends & family then take turn to wrap a red scarf around the Grooms waist as a symbol of his fertility. The images Kiti captured really show the emotions & celebrations of this part of the day.002-GKE-ML-MLP24979-16 003-GKE-ML-MLP25004-21 004-GKE-ML-MLP25038-39 009-GKE-ML-MLP25129-69By now an expectant groom was waiting at the altar for his bride. The Best Man & Ushers were waiting outside as we arrived & they accompanied the bridesmaids up the aisle followed into the church by the Bride & her father. Unusually, at the last minute we found out we would be unable to take any images in the church due to the rules of a visiting vicar.018-GKE-ML-MLP25278-145 019-GKE-ML-MLP25279-146 020-GKE-ML-MLP25280-147 021-GKE-ML-MLP25284-148After the service everyone poured out of the church followed by the Bride & Groom who exited to a flurry of confetti!022-GKE-ML-MLP37689-155 023-GKE-ML-MLP25336-158The Bride & Groom, their friends & family mingled in the churchyard with champagne before setting off the venue.031-GKE-ML-MLP37774-182 030-GKE-ML-MLP37763-179 029-GKE-ML-MLP37744-175 027-GKE-ML-MLP25386-172 025-GKE-ML-MLP25362-166The reception was held in a tipi at City Farm, Eynsham. City Farm is a beautiful location & is also know as Rushy Meadows.034-GKE-ML-MLP37865-208 037-GKE-ML-MLP37896-217At Rushy Meadows there are 3 separate huts for glamping which you kind find on Canopy & Stars but they also hold weddings there. It’s a beautiful area with big mowed parts perfect for pitching a tipi in front of the lake & of course, the Bride & Groom can stay in one of the beautifully appointed huts right next door!046-GKE-ML-MLP25697-254George & Kerrie arranged a beautiful, relaxed, colourful festival wedding & the sun really shone for them! During the drinks reception Kiti & I took them away for some shots of the two of them with the fab campervan & lake offering perfect backdrops.035-GKE-ML-MLP25554-213045-GKE-ML-MLP25681-249 048-GKE-ML-MLP25734-262
050-GKE-ML-MLP25815-284George & Kerrie were announced into the tipi with a round of applause & it was time for the speeches.

039-GKE-ML-MLP37915-223042-GKE-ML-MLP37933-230066-GKE-ML-MLP38424-346064-GKE-ML-MLP26099-341 065-GKE-ML-MLP38421-344I love the emotions, the fun & the laughter in the images & just what was the Best Man telling Kerrie for the Groom to react like this!

074-GKE-ML-MLP26136-376 072-GKE-ML-MLP38474-363 075-GKE-ML-MLP38533-391 076-GKE-ML-MLP38543-397 083-GKE-ML-MLP26219-408 086-GKE-ML-MLP38607-415 088-GKE-ML-MLP26281-424It was a lovely relaxed wedding & the large tipi was fantastic with firepits where guests could toast marshmallows. The whole day was a lovely celebration but before too long it was time for the Bride & Groom to cut the cake & then hit the dancefloor for their first dance.
091-GKE-ML-MLP38683-447 094-GKE-ML-MLP38713-453 095-GKE-ML-MLP38723-454 096-GKE-ML-MLP38730-457 098-GKE-ML-MLP38757-462 099-GKE-ML-MLP26399-465 101-GKE-ML-MLP38836-473 103-GKE-ML-MLP26424-479 106-GKE-ML-MLP38874-484

As always we left everyone dancing the night away under the stars……

We hope you enjoy your sneak peek George & Kerrie, there are lots more to come!





A Wedding at Notley Tythe Barn, Nikki & Bren a sneak peek

Recently Kiti & I photographed the wedding of Nikki & Bren at Notley Tythe Barn near Long Crendon in Buckinghamshire.196-BNN-KS-MLP27275-76 As there was some driving between locations Becky joined us to help with the logistics. First thing first we dropped Kiti off at Notley to meet up with the groom Bren & his Best Man & Ushers.046-BNN-KS-MLP26968-15

We then hotfooted it to Chesham where Nikki was getting ready at their home with her Mum & Bridesmaids. I spent the morning capturing some lovely shots of Nikki’s bridal preparations with everyone having hair & make up. I love the shot of Nikki’s mum helping her with her dress.



They all looked wonderful as they left home to make the journey to the barn for the wedding. I jumped in the car & we made a quick get away to make sure we got back to the barn ready for the Bride’s arrival.

119-BNN-KS-MLP27200-59The service was held in the main part of the barn in front of the window & was officiated by a family friend, which really added to the personal feeling to the service.