A wedding fair with a twist….

Following on from my twisty theme of the unpredictable today I was in Marlow for a wedding fair at The Compleat Angler. Thank you to those that came along to see me and the other suppliers and it was good to discuss your wedding day plans.

I went for a stroll with a new compact camera I have to do some test shots in low light hotel situations. Because of it’s size it will be a great camera for candids in amongst wedding guests. However, more of that to follow in future posts.

There I was loitering outside and I could see some commotion going on and a lady in a track suit with Sochi 2014 written on it. It was Katherine Grainger, one of our rowing Olympians no less.  It all soon became clear what was going on when I saw a man carrying a flame in a miners lamp, taking an unlit winter Olympic torch from her, going inside and lighting the torch. Katherine soon appeared with the torch alight and headed to the river to pass the flame to fellow rower and paralympian Naomi Riches! This is part of the flames journey in preparation for the Sochi Paralympics and the flame will now be heading to Russia for the next stage.

So here it is, certainly a picture I would never have thought I would’ve taken today!

Catherine Grainger Marlow Naomi Riches

Many thanks to the media and press photographers there for allowing me to take this image.

You may not get a chance to say thank you to everyone…. #Weddings

A wedding is a busy day, especially if it’s your wedding day! Don’t worry if you do not get a chance to say thank you to everyone on the day, they will understand.

Most weddings have an average of 100 people at them so it is almost impossible to go around to everyone for a chat. Many weddings have a receiving line where the bride and groom and sometimes parents and bridal party greet everyone as they go through for the wedding breakfast.

This is a great opportunity to say ‘hi’ to your guests but it is important to keep the queue of people moving so not to hold up the proceedings in the kitchen!! It is also a great opportunity for your photographer to get some lovely reaction pictures of you and your guests.

Here is one of my favourite receiving line pictures from a wedding last year at The Tythe Barn.

Weddings Tythe Barn


The tears and emotion of a #wedding day @PhyllisCourt

Last year I photographed a wedding at Phyllis Court in Henley on Thames for Eric and Elizabeth. They had a civil ceremony in the Ball Room with their family and friends who joined them from all over the world.

Many of the pictures I am most proud of from a wedding  are the ones I capture during the service or ceremony and this set of images sum up the emotions of a happy wedding day. I’m just glad I can hide my emotion behind a camera sometimes! It’s such a privilege to be part of somebody’s most special day of their life and to be a big part of it, taking those images that will be with them for the rest of their lives.


Phyllis Court Weddings-EEH-0570_001 Phyllis Court Weddings-EEH-0584_002 Phyllis Court Weddings-EEH-0586_004 Phyllis Court Weddings-EEH-0588_005 Phyllis Court Weddings-EEH-0595_006 Phyllis Court Weddings-EEH-0632_007 Phyllis Court Weddings-EEH-0633_008 Phyllis Court Weddings-EEH-0634_009 Phyllis Court Weddings-EEH-0641_010 Phyllis Court Weddings-EEH-0650_011

To find out more about weddings at Phyllis Court please click here and to see more examples of my wedding photography please click here.

Thank you