Wedding at Abingdon & The Four Pillars, Oxford – A Sneak Peek

Nearing the end of the wedding season but some lovely Autumnal weddings still to go. We recently photographed the wedding of Vicky & Dominic. Kiti & I travelled to Abingdon where I dropped Kiti off with the Groom, Best Man & Ushers before travelling to The Four Pillars Hotel at Sandford near Oxford where the Bride was getting ready.007-vde-mlp37502-7Kiti got some shots of the boys getting ready & making their way to the church before taking some images of the guests arriving.016-vde-mlp28257-16 025-vde-mlp28268-25 040-vde-mlp28289-40 067-vde-mlp28317-67 074-vde-mlp28349-74 105-vde-mlp28409-105 107-vde-mlp28423-107 108-vde-mlp28427-108I was with the Bride & bridal party capturing some shots of the Bridal preparations. Soon it was time to make our way to the church & a space was saved for me in the bridal car so I could spend the most time photographing & less time travelling!018-vde-mlp37537-18 029-vde-mlp37564-29 056-vde-mlp37644-56 058-vde-mlp37650-58 071-vde-mlp37675-71 092-vde-mlp37753-92 099-vde-mlp37781-99 103-vde-mlp37794-103An expectant groom was awaiting his bride & so with no further ado Vicky made her way up the aisle on the arm of her very proud dad. It was a lovely service which was made so personal by a family friend who married them.135-vde-mlp37857-135 136-vde-mlp37863-136 157-vde-mlp28517-157 150-vde-mlp37891-150 162-vde-mlp28522-162 166-vde-mlp37918-166 186-vde-mlp28559-186They exited the church & mingled outside in the Autumn sunshine with their guests. It was soon time to make their way back to The Four Pillars for the reception.190-vde-mlp28572-190 192-vde-mlp38034-192 193-vde-mlp38042-193 197-vde-mlp38052-197 214-vde-dscf1511-214 207-vde-mlp38077-207 219-vde-mlp38112-219Once we returned back we took Vicky & Dominic to do some shots with the two of them & the lovely cars before we then did the group photos in the grounds of the hotel.230-vde-mlp28640-230 239-vde-mlp28673-239248-vde-mlp38234-248251-vde-mlp38258-251256-vde-mlp38301-256257-vde-mlp38310-257After the group photos we borrowed the Bride & Groom for a little longer to do some more shots of the two of them in the grounds which stretch down to the banks of the Thames.268-vde-mlp28706-268 272-vde-mlp28724-272 270-vde-mlp38423-270 275-vde-mlp28742-275 293-vde-mlp28842-293Before too long we took Vicky & Dominic back to join their guests where they enjoyed a lovely wedding breakfast with emotional speeches followed by cutting the cake.320-vde-dscf1528-320 325-vde-mlp38565-325 336-vde-mlp38585-336 329-vde-mlp38571-329 343-vde-mlp38593-343 344-vde-mlp28926-344 353-vde-mlp38617-353 358-vde-mlp28947-358 362-vde-mlp38634-362It was then time for Vicky & Dominic to welcome their evening guests before hitting the dancefloor for their fantastically choreographed first dance. Then everyone joined them up on the dancefloor & it was time for us to wind our way home.368-vde-mlp28966-368 381-vde-mlp38687-381 376-vde-mlp38673-376 371-vde-mlp38662-371 383-vde-mlp38695-383 387-vde-mlp28994-387 389-vde-mlp38718-389 390-vde-mlp38719-390 395-vde-mlp29015-395 397-vde-mlp38730-397 398-vde-mlp38732-398 400-vde-mlp38735-400Congratulations Vicky & Dominic, we hope you enjoy your sneak peek – lots more to come!



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