Caroline & Phil, A Tythe Barn Wedding – Sneak Peek

Last week Kiti & I returned to one of our favourite venues The Tythe Barn, Launton to photograph the wedding of Caroline & Phil.005-CPM-MLP22179-5 006-CPM-MLP22181-6 007-CPM-MLP22183-7The sun was shining brightly as I made my way to The Nook, which is the Tythe Barn’s dedicated bridal preparation area. No need to get ready in a hotel room with not enough room or mirrors before then squishing you & your dress into the back of the car for the journey to the venue. The Nook is a beautiful space full of style & elegance & is a wonderful place for bridal preparations. It must also be a favourite of many a wedding photographer as it certainly adds to the getting ready shots with some fantastic backdrops & great lighting.011-CPM-MLP35330-11 035-CPM-MLP35393-35 041-CPM-MLP35418-41 048-CPM-MLP35442-48 052-CPM-MLP35458-52 054-CPM-MLP35466-54Whilst I was with the bride, Kiti was photographing the groom & guests arriving & all the details in the barn. Before long the guests were all seated & all were expectantly awaiting the arrival of the Bride.058-CPM-MLP22307-58 071-CPM-MLP22358-71 101-CPM-MLP35628-101After getting ready in the peace & calm of The Nook Caroline & her Dad made the short walk across the garden under the pergola to meet her groom in the barn.098-CPM-MLP35604-98 100-CPM-MLP35624-100 104-CPM-MLP35633-104 The ceremony was lovely & Caroline & Phil made their way out into the sunshine where they were soon joined by their friends & families.119-CPM-MLP22488-119 124-CPM-MLP35662-124 126-CPM-MLP35664-126 127-CPM-MLP35666-127 136-CPM-MLP35691-136As the guests mingled they enjoyed a beautiful trio of ice creams that certainly made the mouth water!

146-CPM-MLP35737-146 147-CPM-MLP22556-147

We tore the guests away from their chatting & ice cream so we could do some group shots against the beautiful sandstone walls of the barns.

162-CPM-MLP35805-162 164-CPM-MLP35825-164 166-CPM-MLP35846-166We then took the opportunity to go out into the grounds of the barn to do some stylish bride & groom shots. It really is an honour to share the couples first few minutes of wedded life. We think it is a lovely to time for the bride & groom to take a few moments out of the craziness of the day. I am really pleased with the images we got of Caroline & Phil, the lovely summer sun added a certain je ne sais quoi to shots.186-CPM-MLP22650-186 197-CPM-MLP36004-196 205-CPM-MLP22712-205 212-CPM-MLP22777-213 217-CPM-MLP22823-218 222-CPM-MLP22874-223We made our way back to the barn & stopped off for a few more shots with Phil’s Dad’s VW Camper before Caroline & Phil joined their guests for a delicious afternoon tea.

234-CPM-MLP22946-235After some great speeches everyone mingled in garden playing giant jenga & croquet.

260-CPM-MLP22989-261 273-CPM-MLP36291-274 275-CPM-MLP36297-276 322-CPM-MLP36417-323 325-CPM-MLP36429-326 332-CPM-MLP36482-333The Bride & Groom cut their cake & then they hit the dancefloor for their first dance.

341-CPM-MLP23266-342 343-CPM-MLP23273-344 345-CPM-MLP36552-346Soon they were joined on the dancefloor by some keen guests who were having great fun. There was a brief break in the dancing for some sparklers but then everyone got back to the dancing & we left them dancing the night away!352-CPM-MLP36598-353 362-CPM-MLP36642-363 363-CPM-MLP36644-364 368-CPM-MLP36719-369 377-CPM-MLP36799-378 380-CPM-MLP36818-381Congratulations, Caroline & Phil – Wishing you every happiness! We hope you enjoy your sneak peek



A Wedding at The Tythe Barn, Tegwen & Tim A Sneak Peek

So pleased as a wedding photographer when the summer finally arrives & the sun comes out. Kiti & I wound our way to the The Tythe Barn with sunglasses as well as smiles on our faces.TTS-KS-MLP23540-10We were there to photograph the wedding of Tegwen & Tim. Kiti started at the barn capturing the flowers, the outside space where the ceremony was to be held & the guests arriving.TTS-KS-MLP23516-7 TTS-KS-MLP23589-14 TTS-KS-MLP23610-18TTS-KS-MLP23617-19I made my way to The Nook where Tegwen, her family & bridesmaids were getting ready. The Nook is a wonderful secluded spot where the bridal party can get ready together in comfort & close proximity to the barn.TTS-ML-MLP35657-11 TTS-ML-MLP35725-27 TTS-ML-MLP35696-19The Nook is divided in to two main rooms – one side caters solely for the bride whilst the other room has been created to offer a large space for the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, flower girl, page boy and so on.  Both rooms have been carefully thought out and the needs of the bride and her attendants have been considered at every stage.

TTS-ML-MLP35743-31Emotions on a wedding day run high & I love the moment when the Father of the Bride sees his daughter for the first time. It’s a really touching moment & I love the images I captured of Tegwen & her Dad.TTS-ML-MLP35773-36 TTS-ML-MLP35814-42By now the guests had gathered in front of the large oak doors in the sunshine & the expectant groom stood with his best man awaiting the arrival of his bride.TTS-ML-MLP35858-56Preceded by her bridesmaids Tegwen & Her Dad made their way through the wisteria arbour to meet her groom.TTS-KS-MLP23732-37
An outside ceremony is lovely, when the weather allows & added to the celebratory, relaxed feel of Tegwen & Tim’s wedding.TTS-ML-MLP35876-61 TTS-KS-MLP23765-41 TTS-ML-MLP35892-67 TTS-ML-MLP35932-83 TTS-KS-MLP23837-55After the lovely service the Bride & Groom made their way back through the arbour to a flurry of lavender & then joined their guests for a drinks reception in the garden. We did the group shots there with the barn as a backdrop before taking Tim & Tegwen away to do some shots of the two of them.TTS-KS-MLP24002-71 TTS-KS-MLP24163-78 TTS-KS-MLP24244-88 TTS-KS-MLP24329-98 TTS-ML-MLP36385-149There are some great places around the barn for shots, the folly, shepherds hut & tree lined driveway to name but a few. They even have this new vintage landcover that can be used as a drink station but is also a fab backdrop for your photos!TTS-ML-MLP36459-160We then made our way back to the barn to join their guests for the wedding breakfast in the wonderful vaulted space. TTS-ML-MLP36683-200 TTS-ML-MLP36691-203 TTS-ML-MLP36724-214 TTS-ML-MLP36745-221 TTS-ML-MLP36793-236 TTS-ML-MLP36834-247 TTS-ML-MLP36836-248 TTS-ML-MLP36867-257 TTS-ML-MLP36898-263After the speeches & cake cutting the guests spilled out onto the lawns with tea & coffee before they made their way inside to the dance floor. TTS-KS-MLP24813-141After Tegwen & Tim had their dance everyone joined them on the dance floor & they boogied the night away……TTS-KS-MLP24834-142 TTS-KS-MLP24895-144 TTS-KS-MLP24904-146 TTS-ML-MLP37078-293 TTS-ML-MLP37088-294Wishing you all the best Tegwen & Tim, we hope you enjoy your sneak peek!TTS-ML-MLP36480-164

Helen & Pete – A Sneak Peek

Recently Kiti & I were at the ‘Happily Ever After’ party for Helen & Pete.HPH-ML-LORD6093-18Helen & Pete were married earlier in the year in Florida & this evening was their chance to celebrate with their friends & family who weren’t at the wedding.


They held their party at one of our favourite venues The Tythe Barn, Launton. The Tythe Barn is a fabulous wedding venue but is also great for all sorts of other celebrations.

HPH-ML-LORD6745-176We started late afternoon by taking a Helen & Pete off for a few shots before their guests      arrived. The Tythe Barn has lovely grounds & we used the folly, shepherds hut & a lovely bench for some romantic shots of the two of them.HPH-ML-LORD6158-36 HPH-ML-LORD6171-38 HPH-ML-LORD6223-53 HPH-ML-LORD6249-60 Before long it was time for them to return to the barn to greet their guests.

HPH-KS-IMG_5376-27 HPH-KS-IMG_5387-30

After a drinks reception & group shots in the garden it was time for everyone to take their seats to enjoy an English/American afternoon tea including American-style slider burgers & delicious scones with jam & clotted cream.


HPH-KS-IMG_5524-59It was now time for everyone to hit the dancefloor starting with the bride & groom & then they were joined by their guests.

HPH-ML-LORD6815-198 HPH-ML-LORD6841-203 HPH-KS-IMG_5768-77During the dancefloor action Kiti shot the photobooth for them with hilarious results!

HPH-KS-IMG_5629-29 HPH-KS-IMG_5667-45 HPH-KS-IMG_5652-39 HPH-KS-IMG_5635-31When time came for Helen & Pete to leave their guests lined up & with a wave of sparklers the bride & groom made their way home.HPH-ML-LORD7189-274 HPH-ML-LORD7198-278We hope you enjoy your sneak peek Helen & Pete. Wishing you every happiness!

Kind words…..

Its always lovely to hear from happy Brides & Grooms & recently we heard from one of our couples who were married earlier in the year. We always send our couples a feedback form after the wedding as we are always looking to improve our service & their feedback is invaluable.

Claire & Richard were married at Somerton followed by a reception at The Tythe Barn, Launton.

‘Very friendly & professional, excellent communication, very unobtrusive on wedding day & stunning photos!…’

‘…Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding photos – we were very impressed by the professional service & unobtrusive style & would definitely recommend you to others!’

Keep an eye out on our website for the new added testimonials page coming soon!


Alex and Marie – A Sneak Peek

The day shone bright & clear the morning of Alex & Marie’s wedding as Kiti & I headed up the M40 to The Tythe Barn, Launton near Bicester.


The Tythe Barn is one of my favourite venues whatever the weather but it really comes into its own when the sun is shining & people can use the outside space.

AMB-ML-IMG_1032-243 AMB-ML-IMG_1025-241I met with Marie at The Nook to get some shots of her, her closest girlfriends & her Dad & Brother. I took the opportunity to get out in the sunshine & took some lovely photos in the hidden courtyard.



The light was lovely & Marie looked beautiful with her short style dress with lace overlay. I love the shock of colour from her bouquet which contained freesia, ranunculus, anemones & one of the funkiest of flowers craspedia otherwise know as billy balls or billy buttons.


After the short walk through the garden to the barn it was time for Alex & Marie become husband & wife.


They left the barn in a flurry of confetti.

AMB-ML-IMG_0312-81These are one of those moments as a photographer that you only have one chance to nail it. You can’t really say just as everyone has thrown their fistful of confetti ‘Excuse me can we try that again!’ I am really pleased with this shot, great expressions, fantastic flurry of confetti & I love the sun flare across the lens.

After the ceremony Kiti & I took the bride & groom off for a few shots around the grounds – always a nice time for the bride & groom to take a moment from the madness of the day.

AMB-ML-IMG_0452-100 Once the lovely couple returned to the barn it was time for them to re-join their guests as the celebrations continued…….including a drum solo from the groom!


We hope you enjoy your sneak peek Alex & Marie. Wishing you every happiness!


Amy & Tom – A Sneak Peek

Wedding season is truly underway at Mark Lord Photography & last weekend Kiti & I travelled to the lovely village of Evenley in Northamptonshire for the wedding of Amy & Tom.

Wedding Photography Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon

Kiti started her day with the groom at his family home in Evenley & I was with the bridal party getting some preparation shots before making the journey to the church. Its always an exciting part of the day & I always love the moment that Mum & Dad see their daughter in her wedding dress.

Wedding Photography Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon

Wedding Photography Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon

I love this shot of Amy & her Mum enjoying a moment before she walks into church on the arm of her dad.

Wedding Photography Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon After a lovely service we made our way to Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon near the border of Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire. The barn is in lovely countryside & offers some rural backdrops for some great couple shots.

Wedding Photography Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon


Our bride even made a play on her maiden name & wore a bright yellow pair of Hunter wellies around the farm!

Wedding Photography Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon

After a wander around the farm it was time for the bride & groom to mingle with their guests before making their entrance into the wedding breakfast.

Wedding Photography Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon

As always Kiti & I were quite the Cinderella’s & left everyone on the dancefloor!

Wedding Photography Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon

Hope you love your sneak peek Amy & Tom, we’ll be in touch with the rest of your images soon!

Wedding Photography Notley Tythe Barn, Long Crendon





Weddings at The Tythe Barn

A couple of weeks ago I was back at my favourite Oxfordshire wedding venue, The Tythe Barn nr Bicester. I have photographed several weddings there over the years and know the venue and staff really well. However, this wedding was going to be a little different….

Tim and Cat contacted me earlier this year to check my availability. On talking to them they told me about a few things they were going to do differently. One of those things was a ‘First Look’. I had never done a ‘First Look’ before but was keen to photograph one. A First Look is…. well a First Look at each other generally with the bride walking up to the groom and then looking at each other for the first time (that day!) Got it! Well, I was very excited about photographing my first ‘First Look’!

I was not disappointed. Tim positioned himself amongst the trees at The Tythe Barn and Cat approached from behind and it really was a lovely moment when they saw each other for the first time and made for some great photographs.

As Tim and Cat had seen each other now before the wedding ceremony we decided to do a few pictures of the two of them and a few family groups for those that were there. It was quite cool doing a wedding day in a different order, and also with a Winter wedding with it getting dark by 4pm it made a lot of sense to shoot the group photos and pictures of the bride and groom pre ceremony. Obviously this will only work if you are doing a ‘First Look’ but something I would recommend if you wanted to do things

Tim greeted their family and friends as they arrived whilst Cat was tucked away. We all then enjoyed a wonderful ceremony with some entertaining readings, a few more group shots and a drinks reception in the cow shed. Then another first for me was The Tythe Barn’s self carve roast, which went down well with everyone.

Tim and Cat had several lovely touches to the day with georgous flowers by The Flower Fairies and a massive LOVE by Vowed and Amazed.

Finally another cool idea Tim and Cat had was for the first dance, where Cat starts dancing with her Dad, whilst Tim eyes Cat up and then comes onto the dance floor, kicks Dad off and has his first dance with his bride. It was a lot more romantic then I have made it sound!

I am one of the recommended photographers of The Tythe Barn and have a special offer for all couples who get married at The Tythe Barn. If you are getting married there in 2014, 2015  or beyond please do get in touch.

Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2008_002_001 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2015_005_002 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2029_010_003 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2047_016_004 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2050_018_005 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2054_020_006 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2064_023_007 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2099_031_008 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2106_032_009 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2111_034_010 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2117_036_011 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2123_038_012 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2135_040_013 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2152_046_014 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2156_047_015 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2159_048_016 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2163_049_017 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2188_054_018 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2231_059_019 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2243_062_020 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2264_065_021 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2268_066_022 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2279_069_023 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2302_075_024 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2304_076_025 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2368_092_026 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2382_095_027 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2386_096_028 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2396_100_029 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2416_104_030 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2430_107_031 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2445_110_032 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2485_119_033 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2486_120_034 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2504_125_035 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2526_133_036 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2581_151_037 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2602_159_038 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2606_160_039 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2628_171_040 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2638_175_041 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2641_177_042 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2662_182_043 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2683_188_044 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2791_213_045 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2815_219_046 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2846_228_047 Tythe Barn Weddings - Mark Lord-TCB-ML-IMG_2865_236_048