Cookham Dean Wedding, Becky & Darran – A Sneak Peek

Recently Kiti & I photographed the wedding of Becky & Darran in Cookham Dean.199-BDDB--MLP25159_202Mrs Lord helped with driving & we dropped Kiti off in Cookham Dean to capture some establishing shots of the church & guests arriving whilst Mrs Lord took me to Becky & Darran’s home to cover the bride & her bridesmaids getting ready.018-BDDB--MLP30090_018 019-BDDB--MLP30092_019 024-BDDB--MLP30105_024It’s always a lovely part of the day when the bride gets ready to meet her groom, a flurry of activity with hair & make up with everyone rushing to get ready. It’s important to get the images & keep out of the way! I have been known to assist with buttonholes & find a crochet hook in my camera bag to hand over to the bridesmaids to use to do up all the tiny buttons on the dress!047-BDDB--MLP30148_047 053-BDDB--MLP30165_053Soon it was time for the Bridesmaids & Mother of the Bride to make the journey to the church leaving me to do some lovely shots of Becky & her Dad in the garden.059-BDDB--MLP30182_059 063-BDDB--MLP30206_064Meanwhile Kiti was at the pub near the church capturing Darren’s arrival & the guests arriving in the sunshine.027-BDDB--MLP24549_027 029-BDDB--MLP24556_029 043-BDDB--MLP24586_043 044-BDDB--MLP24589_044 068-BDDB--MLP30227_069

We then whizzed our way back to the church to be there ready for Becky’s arrival & were in the right place at the right time to get some lovely shots of Becky’s arrival at the church.079-BDDB--MLP30242_080 080-BDDB--MLP30245_081 098-BDDB--MLP30261_099The groom was expectantly waiting for the arrival of his bride & a beaming Becky made her way into the church to marry her man!102-BDDB--MLP30278_103 108-BDDB--MLP24796_109 111-BDDB--MLP30302_112It was a lovely service & Becky & Darran made their way down the aisle Husband & Wife & were congratulated by their friends & family as they made their way out of the church.

153-BDDB--MLP30416_154 157-BDDB--MLP30421_158 159-BDDB--MLP24883_160 163-BDDB--MLP24900_164 164-BDDB--MLP24911_165As they came out of the Lych gate there was a flurry of confetti & everyone made their way down the country lane to the reception venue.166-BDDB--MLP30465_167 168-BDDB--MLP30469_169 169-BDDB--MLP30480_170185-BDDB--MLP25034_186We stopped with the bride & groom on the way to get some lovely shots of the two of them on the green in the beautiful summer sunshine.186-BDDB--MLP30601_187 192-BDDB--MLP30634_195 196-BDDB--MLP25106_199 199-BDDB--MLP25159_202We tried not to keep them away for too long & so before long they joined their guests around the pool at Sanctum on the Green for their drinks reception.201-BDDB--MLP30710_204 207-BDDB--MLP25177_210 209-BDDB--MLP25184_212 210-BDDB--MLP30748_215 213-BDDB--MLP30785_219 219-BDDB--MLP30835_229 223-BDDB--MLP30879_234 225-BDDB--MLP30893_237Everyone then made their way into the marquee for the wedding breakfast followed by some very funny speeches.

249-BDDB--MLP30991_261 258-BDDB--MLP25257_270 261-BDDB--MLP31037_273 275-BDDB--MLP31083_287 292-BDDB--MLP25341_304 311-BDDB--MLP31171_323 331-BDDB--MLP25465_343 334-BDDB--MLP25475_346 335-BDDB--MLP25477_347 338-BDDB--MLP25486_350 346-BDDB--MLP25538_358 350-BDDB--MLP25543_362After the speeches guests moved their way outside & happily mingled in the evening sunshine before it was time for Becky & Darran to cut their cake & have their first dance.

388-BDDB--MLP31447_400 396-BDDB--MLP31491_408 406-BDDB--MLP31522_418As always we left everyone dancing the night away, wonder if anyone ended up in the swimming pool?


Wishing you every happiness Becky & Darran, we hope you enjoy your sneak peek – there are lots more to come!


Caroline & Phil, A Tythe Barn Wedding – Sneak Peek

Last week Kiti & I returned to one of our favourite venues The Tythe Barn, Launton to photograph the wedding of Caroline & Phil.005-CPM-MLP22179-5 006-CPM-MLP22181-6 007-CPM-MLP22183-7The sun was shining brightly as I made my way to The Nook, which is the Tythe Barn’s dedicated bridal preparation area. No need to get ready in a hotel room with not enough room or mirrors before then squishing you & your dress into the back of the car for the journey to the venue. The Nook is a beautiful space full of style & elegance & is a wonderful place for bridal preparations. It must also be a favourite of many a wedding photographer as it certainly adds to the getting ready shots with some fantastic backdrops & great lighting.011-CPM-MLP35330-11 035-CPM-MLP35393-35 041-CPM-MLP35418-41 048-CPM-MLP35442-48 052-CPM-MLP35458-52 054-CPM-MLP35466-54Whilst I was with the bride, Kiti was photographing the groom & guests arriving & all the details in the barn. Before long the guests were all seated & all were expectantly awaiting the arrival of the Bride.058-CPM-MLP22307-58 071-CPM-MLP22358-71 101-CPM-MLP35628-101After getting ready in the peace & calm of The Nook Caroline & her Dad made the short walk across the garden under the pergola to meet her groom in the barn.098-CPM-MLP35604-98 100-CPM-MLP35624-100 104-CPM-MLP35633-104 The ceremony was lovely & Caroline & Phil made their way out into the sunshine where they were soon joined by their friends & families.119-CPM-MLP22488-119 124-CPM-MLP35662-124 126-CPM-MLP35664-126 127-CPM-MLP35666-127 136-CPM-MLP35691-136As the guests mingled they enjoyed a beautiful trio of ice creams that certainly made the mouth water!

146-CPM-MLP35737-146 147-CPM-MLP22556-147

We tore the guests away from their chatting & ice cream so we could do some group shots against the beautiful sandstone walls of the barns.

162-CPM-MLP35805-162 164-CPM-MLP35825-164 166-CPM-MLP35846-166We then took the opportunity to go out into the grounds of the barn to do some stylish bride & groom shots. It really is an honour to share the couples first few minutes of wedded life. We think it is a lovely to time for the bride & groom to take a few moments out of the craziness of the day. I am really pleased with the images we got of Caroline & Phil, the lovely summer sun added a certain je ne sais quoi to shots.186-CPM-MLP22650-186 197-CPM-MLP36004-196 205-CPM-MLP22712-205 212-CPM-MLP22777-213 217-CPM-MLP22823-218 222-CPM-MLP22874-223We made our way back to the barn & stopped off for a few more shots with Phil’s Dad’s VW Camper before Caroline & Phil joined their guests for a delicious afternoon tea.

234-CPM-MLP22946-235After some great speeches everyone mingled in garden playing giant jenga & croquet.

260-CPM-MLP22989-261 273-CPM-MLP36291-274 275-CPM-MLP36297-276 322-CPM-MLP36417-323 325-CPM-MLP36429-326 332-CPM-MLP36482-333The Bride & Groom cut their cake & then they hit the dancefloor for their first dance.

341-CPM-MLP23266-342 343-CPM-MLP23273-344 345-CPM-MLP36552-346Soon they were joined on the dancefloor by some keen guests who were having great fun. There was a brief break in the dancing for some sparklers but then everyone got back to the dancing & we left them dancing the night away!352-CPM-MLP36598-353 362-CPM-MLP36642-363 363-CPM-MLP36644-364 368-CPM-MLP36719-369 377-CPM-MLP36799-378 380-CPM-MLP36818-381Congratulations, Caroline & Phil – Wishing you every happiness! We hope you enjoy your sneak peek


Glen & Vanessa, Wedding at The Compleat Angler, Marlow – A Sneak Peek

Recently Kiti & I found ourselves back on the banks of the river Thames at The Compleat Angler in Marlow. We were there for the wedding of Glen & Vanessa.010-GVJ-MLP32668-10Their day was a small family affair & we were booked for 4 hours coverage. We do various coverage options from 4 hours up to all day meaning our couples can cater their photography coverage to their day. We mingled with the guests & Glen in the lovely conservatory overlooking the river frontage until it was time for everyone to make their way into the ceremony room.014-GVJ-MLP21031-14 023-GVJ-MLP32677-23 027-GVJ-MLP32688-27 042-GVJ-MLP32708-42

068-GVJ-MLP32754-68Vanessa got ready at the hotel so she only had a short journey to the main hotel building to meet her groom in front of their friends & family. Vanessa was preceded down the aisle by their lovely children Gabrielle & Leo who scattered rose petals.066-GVJ-MLP32745-66 069-GVJ-MLP21149-69 070-GVJ-MLP21150-70 076-GVJ-MLP21155-76After a lovely service we made our way outside & whilst guests mingled with a glass of champagne we took some group shots. I do keep these to a minimum as group shots can take a little while and I would hate to be known as the photographer who kept everyone waiting about, causing their champagne to loose its fizz!115-GVJ-MLP32850-115130-GVJ-MLP32931-130 133-GVJ-MLP32954-133It was now time for Glen, Vanessa & the children to board a boat up the Thames for a short trip. It looked like they had a great time & Leo was even steering the boat on their return!150-GVJ-MLP21218-150 168-GVJ-MLP33122-168Once we were back on dry land Kiti & I took the Bride & Groom away to do some shots of the two of them together.190-GVJ-MLP33197-190 182-GVJ-MLP33163-182It was soon time to let the Bride & Groom get back to their guests & they made their entrance into their wedding reception to a round of applause.221-GVJ-MLP33284-221 222-GVJ-MLP21384-222 225-GVJ-MLP33293-225 226-GVJ-MLP33296-226

We took a few images of their guests enjoying the wedding breakfast but before too long it was time for us to take our leave. We left them enjoying the rest of their day.




Emily & James, Haddenham & Notley Tythe Barn A Sneak Peek

Recently we photographed the wedding of Emily & James in Haddenham & Notley Tythe Barn.306-EJR-MLP31535-323Becky helped us out with a transport as we had some different village locations & village parking is never easy! Becky & Kiti dropped me off at Emily’s parents home where she was getting ready. Kiti wasn’t photographing James getting ready so they went to our favourite coffee shop conveniently located in Haddenham called Little Italy. I was very envious to hear they enjoyed a delicious slice of cake with their coffee too! Whilst the girls were chatting over a coffee I was photographing Emily & her bridesmaids getting ready along with the gorgeous Oscar.024-EJR-MLP30447-25 044-EJR-MLP30524-47 057-EJR-MLP30541-62 036-EJR-MLP30494-39 067-EJR-MLP30551-72 072-EJR-MLP30574-77 073-EJR-MLP30581-78Becky dropped Kiti at the church where she took some images of James & his family before the guests started to arrive.058-EJR-MLP20076-63 064-EJR-MLP20094-2 100-EJR-MLP30649-106 116-EJR-MLP30700-123They had a beautiful vintage Rolls Royce that took them in turns to the church & just as Emily & her dad were ready to leave Becky popped back & dropped me at the church so I was ready for Emily’s arrival.104-EJR-MLP30657-110 105-EJR-MLP30662-112She made her way into the church on the arm of her dad with an expectant groom waiting for her.111-EJR-MLP30684-118

128-EJR-MLP30736-135After a lovely service the new Mr & Mrs Rhead made their way out of the church & were congratulated by their friends & families. They walked out of the churchyard to a flurry of confetti & we then did some group shots on the village green.174-EJR-MLP20277-183 189-EJR-MLP20325-200 192-EJR-MLP30869-203 207-EJR-MLP30911-219 210-EJR-MLP30941-223 214-EJR-MLP30962-227We then made our way to Notley Tythe Barn where they were holding their reception. We did some of the larger group shots here before we took Emily & James off for some stylish couple shots.262-EJR-MLP20486-279 301-EJR-MLP31520-318 269-EJR-MLP31371-286 311-EJR-MLP31570-329 306-EJR-MLP31535-323It was soon time for Emily & James to join their friends & families for the wedding breakfast in the beautiful barn.327-EJR-MLP31612-346 329-EJR-MLP31619-348 360-EJR-MLP20638-380 364-EJR-MLP20644-384 366-EJR-MLP20646-386 351-EJR-MLP31678-371 369-EJR-MLP20659-389 343-EJR-MLP31667-363After the wedding breakfast it was time for cutting the cake & hitting the dancefloor, I love that Emily had a dance with her dad, her new husband & they were then joined by their son Oscar. Soon everyone joined them & Kiti & left them all dancing the night away.

447-EJR-MLP31935-470 450-EJR-MLP31939-474 472-EJR-MLP20957-496 480-EJR-MLP32052-504 484-EJR-MLP20993-509 486-EJR-MLP21004-512Hope you enjoy your sneak peek Emily & James, Wishing you every happiness!415-EJR-MLP31809-437



Wedding at Wycombe Abbey, Gro & Chris A Sneak Peek

Chris & Gro celebrated their wedding at Wycombe Abbey School in High Wycombe. I dropped Kiti off at the school & she started the day with Chris & the boys who were there getting ready. She captured the images of the boys suiting up & applying their buttonholes before making their way over to the chapel to greet the guests.041_GCH-ML-MLP26791-41 062_GCH-ML-MLP26847-62Wycombe Abbey is a lovely school set within lovely grounds. I do a lot of their photography so am very familiar with the school. I am still always surprised that there is such interesting buildings & landscaped grounds so close to the middle of High Wycombe. It is only possible to have your wedding there if you have a connection to the school such as a former pupil or member of staff. Chris’ Mum is a House Mistress at the school so they were thrilled to be able to have their wedding there.048_GCH-ML-MLP26809-48Meanwhile, whilst Kiti was with the lads I made my way over to Chinnor to Chris & Gro’s home to photograph the bride getting ready. It was a lovely to be with the girls right from the start of the day & Gro was such a relaxed & happy bride.028_GCH-ML-MLP39174-28 036_GCH-ML-MLP39193-36 015_GCH-ML-MLP39131-15 050_GCH-ML-MLP39228-50 060_GCH-ML-MLP39255-60 064_GCH-ML-MLP39268-64Once the glad rags were on it was time for me to fly back to Wycombe Abbey to make sure I was there & ready for the bride’s arrival.103_GCH-ML-MLP39304-103 105_GCH-ML-MLP39314-105 106_GCH-ML-MLP39321-106 110_GCH-ML-MLP39330-110The chapel at Wycombe Abbey is lovely & has a mezzanine level where Kiti had located herself. This was perfect as it gave her a fantastic vantage point to capture some unobstructed views of the ceremony.099_GCH-ML-MLP27032-99 115_GCH-ML-MLP27043-115 119_GCH-ML-MLP27053-119

129_GCH-ML-MLP39379-129 134_GCH-ML-MLP27073-134 136_GCH-ML-MLP27077-136 140_GCH-ML-MLP27082-140After a beautiful service everyone gathered outside for a drinks reception & we did the group shots of the steps of the chapel.197_GCH-ML-MLP39612-197 203_GCH-ML-MLP39693-203 206_GCH-ML-MLP39723-206 211_GCH-ML-MLP39780-211When I first moved up country from Cornwall I worked for a photographic studio who used a local picture framing company. I continued to use the same company for all my framing (once my lovely wife had stopped being a Picture Framer!) for many years. It was a fantastic, bespoke framers & the owner was Chris’ granddad Neil. He left after the service but it was great to see him & get some shots of the proud grandfather with the bride & groom!204_GCH-ML-MLP39709-204We then organised the guests to line either side & the chucked the confetti & blew bubbles as Gro & Chris wandered along!180_GCH-ML-MLP39507-180Whilst the guests mingled Kiti & took Gro & Chris into the grounds to capture some stylish shots of the two of them.222_GCH-ML-MLP39831-222 229_GCH-ML-MLP27453-229 244_GCH-ML-MLP27521-244 260_GCH-ML-MLP27611-260We then went back to the main hall for the wedding breakfast. There were some fantastic speeches including musical performances, poetry & thanks to Gro’s Swedish heritage a schnapps toast!298_GCH-ML-MLP27683-298 320_GCH-ML-MLP30141-320 GCH-ML-MLP30122-1327_GCH-ML-MLP30164-327 329_GCH-ML-MLP27735-329 336_GCH-ML-MLP27744-336 343_GCH-ML-MLP30205-343 360_GCH-ML-MLP27815-360 382_GCH-ML-MLP27910-382 386_GCH-ML-MLP27927-386 405_GCH-ML-MLP30354-406After the speeches it was time for the another musical performance, this time by Chris’ brother, first dance & then everyone hit the dancefloor. We made our way home as they were dancing the night away!

414_GCH-ML-MLP28075-415 419_GCH-ML-MLP30392-420 420_GCH-ML-MLP30396-421 423_GCH-ML-MLP30399-424 431_GCH-ML-MLP30442-432 453_GCH-ML-MLP28195-454 455_GCH-ML-MLP30528-456 475_GCH-ML-MLP30579-476