Wedding at Wycombe Abbey, Gro & Chris A Sneak Peek

Chris & Gro celebrated their wedding at Wycombe Abbey School in High Wycombe. I dropped Kiti off at the school & she started the day with Chris & the boys who were there getting ready. She captured the images of the boys suiting up & applying their buttonholes before making their way over to the chapel to greet the guests.041_GCH-ML-MLP26791-41 062_GCH-ML-MLP26847-62Wycombe Abbey is a lovely school set within lovely grounds. I do a lot of their photography so am very familiar with the school. I am still always surprised that there is such interesting buildings & landscaped grounds so close to the middle of High Wycombe. It is only possible to have your wedding there if you have a connection to the school such as a former pupil or member of staff. Chris’ Mum is a House Mistress at the school so they were thrilled to be able to have their wedding there.048_GCH-ML-MLP26809-48Meanwhile, whilst Kiti was with the lads I made my way over to Chinnor to Chris & Gro’s home to photograph the bride getting ready. It was a lovely to be with the girls right from the start of the day & Gro was such a relaxed & happy bride.028_GCH-ML-MLP39174-28 036_GCH-ML-MLP39193-36 015_GCH-ML-MLP39131-15 050_GCH-ML-MLP39228-50 060_GCH-ML-MLP39255-60 064_GCH-ML-MLP39268-64Once the glad rags were on it was time for me to fly back to Wycombe Abbey to make sure I was there & ready for the bride’s arrival.103_GCH-ML-MLP39304-103 105_GCH-ML-MLP39314-105 106_GCH-ML-MLP39321-106 110_GCH-ML-MLP39330-110The chapel at Wycombe Abbey is lovely & has a mezzanine level where Kiti had located herself. This was perfect as it gave her a fantastic vantage point to capture some unobstructed views of the ceremony.099_GCH-ML-MLP27032-99 115_GCH-ML-MLP27043-115 119_GCH-ML-MLP27053-119

129_GCH-ML-MLP39379-129 134_GCH-ML-MLP27073-134 136_GCH-ML-MLP27077-136 140_GCH-ML-MLP27082-140After a beautiful service everyone gathered outside for a drinks reception & we did the group shots of the steps of the chapel.197_GCH-ML-MLP39612-197 203_GCH-ML-MLP39693-203 206_GCH-ML-MLP39723-206 211_GCH-ML-MLP39780-211When I first moved up country from Cornwall I worked for a photographic studio who used a local picture framing company. I continued to use the same company for all my framing (once my lovely wife had stopped being a Picture Framer!) for many years. It was a fantastic, bespoke framers & the owner was Chris’ granddad Neil. He left after the service but it was great to see him & get some shots of the proud grandfather with the bride & groom!204_GCH-ML-MLP39709-204We then organised the guests to line either side & the chucked the confetti & blew bubbles as Gro & Chris wandered along!180_GCH-ML-MLP39507-180Whilst the guests mingled Kiti & took Gro & Chris into the grounds to capture some stylish shots of the two of them.222_GCH-ML-MLP39831-222 229_GCH-ML-MLP27453-229 244_GCH-ML-MLP27521-244 260_GCH-ML-MLP27611-260We then went back to the main hall for the wedding breakfast. There were some fantastic speeches including musical performances, poetry & thanks to Gro’s Swedish heritage a schnapps toast!298_GCH-ML-MLP27683-298 320_GCH-ML-MLP30141-320 GCH-ML-MLP30122-1327_GCH-ML-MLP30164-327 329_GCH-ML-MLP27735-329 336_GCH-ML-MLP27744-336 343_GCH-ML-MLP30205-343 360_GCH-ML-MLP27815-360 382_GCH-ML-MLP27910-382 386_GCH-ML-MLP27927-386 405_GCH-ML-MLP30354-406After the speeches it was time for the another musical performance, this time by Chris’ brother, first dance & then everyone hit the dancefloor. We made our way home as they were dancing the night away!

414_GCH-ML-MLP28075-415 419_GCH-ML-MLP30392-420 420_GCH-ML-MLP30396-421 423_GCH-ML-MLP30399-424 431_GCH-ML-MLP30442-432 453_GCH-ML-MLP28195-454 455_GCH-ML-MLP30528-456 475_GCH-ML-MLP30579-476








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