Glen & Vanessa, Wedding at The Compleat Angler, Marlow – A Sneak Peek

Recently Kiti & I found ourselves back on the banks of the river Thames at The Compleat Angler in Marlow. We were there for the wedding of Glen & Vanessa.010-GVJ-MLP32668-10Their day was a small family affair & we were booked for 4 hours coverage. We do various coverage options from 4 hours up to all day meaning our couples can cater their photography coverage to their day. We mingled with the guests & Glen in the lovely conservatory overlooking the river frontage until it was time for everyone to make their way into the ceremony room.014-GVJ-MLP21031-14 023-GVJ-MLP32677-23 027-GVJ-MLP32688-27 042-GVJ-MLP32708-42

068-GVJ-MLP32754-68Vanessa got ready at the hotel so she only had a short journey to the main hotel building to meet her groom in front of their friends & family. Vanessa was preceded down the aisle by their lovely children Gabrielle & Leo who scattered rose petals.066-GVJ-MLP32745-66 069-GVJ-MLP21149-69 070-GVJ-MLP21150-70 076-GVJ-MLP21155-76After a lovely service we made our way outside & whilst guests mingled with a glass of champagne we took some group shots. I do keep these to a minimum as group shots can take a little while and I would hate to be known as the photographer who kept everyone waiting about, causing their champagne to loose its fizz!115-GVJ-MLP32850-115130-GVJ-MLP32931-130 133-GVJ-MLP32954-133It was now time for Glen, Vanessa & the children to board a boat up the Thames for a short trip. It looked like they had a great time & Leo was even steering the boat on their return!150-GVJ-MLP21218-150 168-GVJ-MLP33122-168Once we were back on dry land Kiti & I took the Bride & Groom away to do some shots of the two of them together.190-GVJ-MLP33197-190 182-GVJ-MLP33163-182It was soon time to let the Bride & Groom get back to their guests & they made their entrance into their wedding reception to a round of applause.221-GVJ-MLP33284-221 222-GVJ-MLP21384-222 225-GVJ-MLP33293-225 226-GVJ-MLP33296-226

We took a few images of their guests enjoying the wedding breakfast but before too long it was time for us to take our leave. We left them enjoying the rest of their day.





A Wedding at The Compleat Angler, Emma & Robert’s Sneak Peek

Recently I photographed the wedding of Robert & Emma at The Compleat Angler in Marlow.

251-ERH-MLP15437-177Now considering the beauty of the River Thames as it winds its way through Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire there are very few venues that can rival The Compleat Angler‘s position right on the river with unparalleled views of the Marlow Weir.012-ERH-KS-MLP25807-5This was one of those weddings where everything was in one place so Kiti & I arrived together before Kiti joined the groom & I went to find where the bridal party were getting ready.019-ERH-MLP14712-14Emma was with her bridesmaids & family getting ready at the hotel. I’ve said this before but I love this part of the day capturing the bride getting ready to meet her groom surrounded by her friends & family.032-ERH-MLP14754-27Whilst I was with Emma, Kiti was with Robert, his Dad who was his Best Man & his Ushers getting some shots before he made his way into the ceremony room to await his bride.100-ERH-KS-MLP26053-32 062-ERH-KS-MLP25927-18Before long it was time for Emma to make the short walk from her room to walk up the aisle with her Mum & Dad.114-ERH-MLP14945-77 125-ERH-MLP14957-82After the service we gathered everyone out in front of the hotel & I ran up onto Marlow bridge to take a shot before doing the rest of the group shots.172-ERH-MLP15079-117I then took Emma & Robert off do some stylish shots of the two of them. With any wedding in Marlow it’s got to include the obligatory shot on the bridge with the help of the ushers to stop traffic!213-ERH-KS-MLP26258-70I never like to keep the couple away from their guests for too long so it was then time for them to return to the wedding breakfast, speeches & cake cutting. After a delicious meal & some great speeches it was time for Emma & Robert’s first dance before everyone joined them on the dance floor. Kiti & I joined them on the dance floor to get some shots of everyone having fun. As always, rather like a couple of Cinderella’s we wound our way homewards leaving everyone having fun!413-ERH-MLP15759-289 426-ERH-MLP15799-297 428-ERH-MLP15802-298Many congratulations Emma & Robert, wishing you every happiness for your future together. We hope you enjoy your sneak peek!





Sofia & Phil – A Sneak Peek

Sofia & Phil were married in Marlow recently on a lovely June day. We started the day by dropping Kiti off at Crowne Plaza to meet up with Phil, his Best man & Ushers. We then made the short journey to Sofia’s parents house where she was getting ready with her parents & bridesmaids.


Phil’s mates all took their duties very seriously & were all a great help to him getting into his wedding suit. Cufflinks & cravats aren’t the easiest things to work out when you are feeling a little nervous. When Phil was ready Kiti did some great shots in the modern interior of the hotel before travelling to the church & getting some shots of the lads & the guests arriving.

007-PSW-KS-IMG_8269-7 029-PSW-KS-IMG_8426-24

Meanwhile, with the bridal party it was time for Sofia to get into her dress & make her entrance down the stairs that her Mum reminded her she had fallen down as a child!


Luckily she made it down the stairs safely & I love the emotion of the moment when everyone sees the bride.


Suddenly, it was time to leave & with help from my driver (Mrs Lord!) I got some shots of the bridal car as we whizzed past on our way up the A404.


The Catholic Church was quite restrictive on where we could stand but I feel that is important that we don’t interfere with what is a religious service. We still captured some lovely emotion & it was a beautiful service.

138-PSW-ML-LORD1866-75 155-PSW-KS-IMG_8672-72

As they left the church as man & wife Phil & Sofia cut a ribbon held by Sofia’s godparents – an Italian custom signifying the start of their new life together.


They then made the short walk to the River Thames where they took a boat trip before arriving on the other side of the river at The Compleat Angler to meet their guests.


247-PSW-ML-LORD2238-151 260-PSW-ML-LORD2280-162The weather so was so lovely they were able to have their drinks reception on the lawns over looking the river. During the drinks I took the Bride & Groom onto the bridge, to stop traffic – apologies to anyone we delayed! – to get some couples shots.


Phil & Sofia then returned to their guests for the wedding breakfast & speeches.

425-PSW-ML-LORD2708-287 506-PSW-ML-LORD2832-338 492-PSW-ML-LORD2813-328 475-PSW-ML-LORD2792-319 449-PSW-KS-IMG_9175-149

I love the golden evening summer sun so we took the opportunity before the cake cutting & first dance to take the couple off for a few more shots on the bridge & gardens.


By the time we returned it was time for cutting the cake & their first dance. As always Kiti & I left them all boogying the night away…..


Hope you love your sneak peek as much as we do. Wishing you all the happiness in the world for your future together.

Mark & Aurelija – A Sneak Peek

I recently photographed the wedding of Mark & Aurelija in Marlow. This really was another international wedding, Mark is from New Zealand & Aurelija is from Lithuania

68-MAP-DL-DLOW4541-32They had their service at the beautiful riverside church in Bisham and I took the opportunity to their group shots with picturesque river winding its way behind them.


After a few photos of Mark & Aurelija using the architecture & textures of the church. The happy couple then took a boat trip along the river Thames to The Compleat Angler in Marlow for their reception.


The weather was a little mixed but was fine enough for them to have their drinks reception on the lawn next to the river & I got a great group photo of the whole wedding party from the bridge.


I then stopped traffic in Marlow again for my favourite photo opportunity at weddings at The Compleat Angler & got some great shots of the two of them & some lovely portraits of Aurelija on the bridge.


I hope you enjoy your sneaky peek, wishing you every happiness!



Laura & Andy – A Sneak Peek

I was at The Compleat Angler in Marlow again recently for the wedding of Laura & Andy. It was a great day & I was pleased the forecasted downpours passed us by.


I started the day at Laura’s parents home to get some coverage of the bride & bridal party getting ready. I always love being part of the day from the very start & this wedding was no exception. There is an almost ceremonial feeling to the process of preparing a bride to meet her groom.


Laura had a lovely lady Carol, who came to help her into her dress. A great idea as Carol was experienced in all the buttons & laces & completed the task calmly in double quick time. I always have a crochet hook in my camera bag which often comes in useful for the uninitiated but no need for it at this wedding!



Laura & Andy were married at St Margaret’s Church in Tylers Green. It’s a great church with fantastic natural light & a lovely vicar Derek. We did the group shots outside the church, which provided a lovely backdrop. We also got some great shots of the couple under a shower of confetti!


We then set off by car to The Compleat Angler & I was really pleased to catch up with the bride & groom in their wedding car. Kiti got a quick shot or two as we overtook them. Great one Kiti!

235-LAW-KS-IMG_7730-82 Unbeknown to their guests Laura & Andy took a slight detour on their way & rocked up at the venue by…..boat. I love the shot of Laura disembarking with the crowd of quests all taking their own shots. She looks like a film star arriving at a premiere!


It really was a great day. As Kiti & I left them on the dance floor I thought how lucky I was to be part of their special day, to capture the laughs, the tears & the love. Hope you like your sneak peek Laura & Andy. Wishing you every happiness in your lives together.


#Compleat Angler Wedding Fair This Sunday

Come and see  this stunning riverside venue on the Thames in Marlow this Sunday 4th November at the Compleat Angler’s wedding fair.  Lots of great local suppliers will be there to help you plan the perfect wedding day. I will be there and look forward to showing you some great pictures and discussing your wedding plans with you.
From 11am onwards…