The Vicar and the Duck….

One of my New Year resolutions is to blog about my work more frequently. I was so busy last year and found it difficult to find time to put my retouching pen down and type a few words on the keyboard.

However 2014 will be different! It may be a series of pics, some words of advice or just a nice or possibly a comical picture taken from last year.

So to start it all off here is a cheeky picture of a vicar photographed in Henley on Thames. I love going into the vestry for the signing of the register as vestries are quite interesting places. Generally cluttered with stuff from over the years, sometime pictures of past vicars on the walls sometimes a painting of the church and even sometimes a duck shaped door stop will be sitting next to the door.

This picture was taken as the vicar picked up the door stop to let me and the bride and groom out. Shall I or shan’t I went through my head. I grabbed a cheeky shot and the vicar took it in good spirit (no pun intended).

I love photographing church weddings and the more quirky the church the better, you just never know what is gong to happen.

To see more of my church wedding pictures please visit my website

vicar and duckBack to working on a Christening I photographed on Sunday in Hambleden, Henley On Thames!



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