Helen & Will – A Sneak Peek

Last Saturday we woke to sunshine for Helen & Will’s wedding in Ewelme & Roke near Wallingford.HWM-LORD1603-95

Kiti was taken to catch up with Will & the guys at The White Hart in Nettlebed whilst I photographed Helen & her bridesmaids getting ready at her family home in Ewelme.

HWM-LORD1385-42 HWM-LORD1386-43 HWM-LORD1389-44The wedding was held in the historic church of St Mary the Virgin in Ewelme so I was able to make the short walk to the church from Helen’s family home in readiness to photograph the brides arrival. She had the most beautiful car, I see a lot of wedding cars but this really was something different. A vintage Rolls Royce in silver apparently it was never painted, this was the original finish. The way it reflected the light was beautiful.HWM-LORD1459-55 HWM-LORD1462-56It was now time for Will to see his bride & for a beautiful service in the church.


HWM-LORD1546-77They walked out to a flurry of confetti & the smiles of their friends & families.

HWM-LORD1656-107 HWM-LORD1668-110 HWM-LORD1675-111 HWM-LORD1679-113Just next to the church was a lovely cloisters with beautiful gardens. It was a fantastic place for some lovely shots of the two of them together. We also stopped off a couple of times in the lovely village of Ewelme for some more shots.

HWM-LORD1828-141 HWM-LORD1842-145 HWM-LORD1876-152

Helen & Will’s reception was held in a marquee at a fantastic pub called The Home Sweet Home in the nearby village of Roke. Everyone mingled outside in the sunshine before it was time for everyone to join Helen & Will for the wedding breakfast.


After a lovely meal & some great speeches we took Helen & Will off for a few more shots down a country lane.HWM-LORD2450-304

Then it was time for their first dance & for every to hit the dancefloor!

HWM-LORD2588-329 HWM-LORD2604-331 HWM-LORD2616-333 HWM-LORD2648-340Congratulations Helen & Will. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek! Wishing you eery happiness.


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