Photography Shoot with a Master Thatcher

To continue with our series of shoots with artisan food producers & craftsmen we thought we would share a recent shoot that Mark did with a Thatcher down in rural Wiltshire.
LOW RES-ANT-MLP16678_005 copyWhilst we have been searching for suitable projects for Mark so much has been through word-of-mouth, twitter & chance meetings with people. Recently Mark spent a day teaching photography to small businesses in Wiltshire for use on their websites etc. On the day he chatted to a lady who mentioned that her husband was a thatcher & may be looking for new images for his website. Now, never one to rest on his laurels the next day when he was back at his desk Mark called Adam & later the same week he found himself atop a thatched roof!LOW RES-ANT-MLP16718_006 copy LOW RES-ANT-MLP16747_009 copy LOW RES-ANT-MLP16796_013 copyMark spent the day with them whilst they thatched the beautiful thatched cottage. He captured images of them using the traditional tools such as the legget which is used to force the blunt ends of the reeds inwards to bring them into line & shearing hook which looks like a left-handed scythe, except it’s right-handed and is used to shear the ears off the reeds. Mark got some fantastic shots of the tools, the skills & the craftsmen themselves. Thatching truly is an ancient craft; the first thatch was in the Bronze age – 4,500 years ago. Thatched cottages and farm buildings were the norm in rural Britain for a millennium or more.LOW RES-ANT-MLP16813_014 LOW RES-ANT-MLP16843_015 LOW RES-ANT-MLP16909_021 copy LOW RES-ANT-MLP16918_022 copy LOW RES-ANT-MLP16940_024 LOW RES-ANT-MLP16982_027 copy LOW RES-ANT-MLP17020_032 copy LOW RES-ANT-MLP17041_035 LOW RES-ANT-MLP17056_037 copy LOW RES-ANT-MLP17170_041 LOW RES-ANT-MLP17258_049 copyAdam Nash, who Mark spent the day with, is a Master Thatcher & is based in Crockerton, Wiltshire and thatches in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.  You will see examples of his thatching scattered around the counties including Salisbury, Amesbury, Andover, Heytesbury, Tisbury, Shaftesbury & Warminster


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