Wet Wedding? Don’t panic – your picture will still be fab!

With all this wet stuff coming down its understandable the couples will worry it may rain on their wedding day – I am one of those people, getting married next month myself and wondering how the photos will look if its raining. However in the last 15 years of photographing weddings I have never seen it rain all day long, usually there is a gap in the day when the bride and groom can slip outside with their photographer for some great shots of the two of them together. Above are a few pictures from over the last few years of pictures taken in the rain at weddings. There may not be any bright sunshine but these pictures have atmosphere! So if its a bit wet on your wedding day, never fear, im sure your photographer will be able to get some truely memorable pictures.

In my opinion the best weather for weddings is a bright overcast day with a slight breeze. With a layer of cloud between you and the sun the sunlight will be diffused so no shiny patches and the slight breeze will keep you and your guests cool and even blow that veil a bit for some lovely veil pictures.



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