#Hambleden #Oxfordshire #Countryside for #NCW13

Many of you have asked where my image that featured on the front page of ‘The Life’ supplement of The Sunday Telegraph last week was taken.

I took this picture just a couple of weeks ago in the picturesque village of Hambleden, Oxfordshire. Always a favourite spot for me to go to when I’m out and about in the Chilterns as to me it’s a quintessential English village. I had just been to the farmers market in the village which happens on the 2nd Saturday of every month (you must go if in the area!) and was talking to a lady who recommended the spot opposite her house for a good view of the village. Thankfully those few shots I took of the village from her recommendation paid off as the Editor of the Sunday Telegraph chose it for the front cover. I must buy the lady a cuppa and a slice of cake next time I see her in Hambleden.

Here is the full frame image that you will be able to enjoy from you computer screen along with a few more of my favourite images taken in recent weeks.

PCFTEL-ML-IMG_2658_049PCFTEL-ML-IMG_2455_018PCFTEL-ML-IMG_2469_019PCFTEL-ML-IMG_2497_028PCFTEL-ML-IMG_2665_051 TBTEL-ML-IMG_4052_006

That’s it for National Countryside week for this year supported by The Prince’s Countryside Fund. We have an amazing countryside out there for us to explore but remember our countryside did not just happen. It’s evolved from years of hard work from dedicated people who have worked the land we now all enjoy so much. Whilst the weather is still so great why not head out with the family and find your own favourite spots local to you and don’t forget your camera!

To find out more about The Princes Countryside Fund please click here

Frolicking in the meadows…. #NCW13

A few weeks ago I was photographing some gorgeous wildflower meadows and the gentleman I was with had his Land Rover parked near to us. I could see the back window a bit steamed up and something licking the glass and then saw these lovely faces looking at me.

‘Can I photograph your dogs’ I said ‘Of course, my wife will love that’ was the reply. I’m not sure who enjoyed the shoot the most, me or the dog!

Here are a few pictures of his dogs in the meadow.

BHP-ML-IMG_3547_067 BHP-ML-IMG_3565_071 BHP-ML-IMG_3579_073 BHP-ML-IMG_3611_077 BHP-ML-IMG_3638_081 BHP-ML-IMG_3674_088


A little bit of colour to cheer us all up from #Waterperry Gardens.

With all this rain and cold weather I though we all needed cheering up so I just had a look at some of the images I took at Waterperry Gardens a few weekends ago on a jolly with Mrs Lord.

Becky armed with Instagram and me with my camera we had a great time photographing the blossom at it’s best in the orchards of Waterperry as well as many other plant varieties.  I want to try a few things out with floral photography, something less precise and more artistic than the technically perfect images of flora we see in catalogues and magazines. I hope to make several visits to Waterperry this year and build a collection of more expressionistic images of flora and botanical images for future use in the countryside part of my business.

Here are a few working images I have put through Lightroom to share with you.

WP-IMG_4646 WP-IMG_4650 WP-IMG_4654 WP-IMG_4658 WP-IMG_4662 WP-IMG_4678 WP-IMG_4688 WP-IMG_4690 WP-IMG_4703 WP-IMG_4705

The next step is an early morning start to catch the early morning light! Good night all!


Love a hairy dog? You have not seen anything yet!

Recently I was at a farmers market and saw a lady I knew struggling with her bags. Being a gentleman I though I would ask if she wanted a lift home with her groceries. On taking me up on the offer of a lift I was greeted by this hound of a dog bounding towards me to lick me to death in her driveway. Well, anyone who knows me knows how much I love to photograph animals, namely dogs,  so I could see a great opportunity wagging its tail in front of me.

‘What type of dog is this?’ I asked whist negotiating how to protect the eggs in the top of one of the bags.

‘It’s a Lagotta Romagnolo’ I was told, ‘an Italian breed of dog with her winter coat still on’

I said I would love to take some photographs of the dog and the lady said that was fine as long as it was soon as she was soon to be clipped now the weather has finally warmed up.

So last week I met up with the lady and her dog. I shot a few daylight images in the window as the dog sat in an armchair then we popped to a local field for a few pictures.

Here’s a couple of my favourites…..

Dog Photography Oxfordshire Dog Photographer Oxfordshire